Most Effective Duas for the Sick

Best Effective Duas for the Sick by eQuranekrareem

In the world of faith and spirituality, the act of making Dua is like a soothing balm for the heart. We invite you on a fascinating journey to explore the incredible power of Duas for the sick. Get ready to be amazed by the comforting verses from the Quran, the wise teachings of Prophet Muhammad … Read more

10 Powerful Duas Must Recite Before Sleeping

10 Powerful Duas Must Recite Before Sleeping by eQuranekareem

Sleep is one of Allah’s (SWT) most precious gifts. Let us conclude our day by praising the One who has given us the spark we need to achieve our daily goals. Furthermore, adequate rest is essential for everyone. It improves your health and allows your body and brain to perform correctly. Consequently, it is important … Read more

Concept of Istikhara Prayer in Islam

Concept of Istikhara Prayer in Islam by eQuranekareem Online Quran Academy

Life is full of choices, like different roads to various destinations. Sometimes we wish for help picking the right path. In Islam, something called dua Istakhara helps us regarding each matter of life. It’s like having a unique guide in uncertain times when we are utterly helpless in finding the best solution. Well, we’ll show … Read more

How Many Types of Fiqh are There?

How many types of fiqh are there by eQuranekareem

Being Muslim, we must consult every matter of life according to the Islamic rules and regulations. If we examine the life of our beloved Prophet (PBUH), he spent his whole life according to the Quran and Sunnah. For every Muslim to succeed in life, they must follow the rules of Islam or Fiqh. Now, narrating … Read more

Lamentation and Weeping Thoughts in Islam

Lamentation and Weeping Thoughts in Islam by eQuranekareem

In feelings, sadness and sorrow are like colors on a beautiful canvas. In Islamic studies, we understand that these emotions are a natural part of being human. The act of lamentation and weeping thoughts in Islam holds a significant place in the hearts of believers. Let’s take an excursion together into the heart of Islam, … Read more

Importance of Jumma Mubarak

Importance of Jumma Mubarak by eQuranekareem

In our diverse world with many cultures and beliefs, there is a special day that means a lot to millions of Muslims worldwide, the blessed Friday of blessings and spiritual renewal. As the sun rises on this sacred day, it brightens not just the mosques but also the hearts of believers, bringing them together in … Read more

How can I Improve my Tajweed?

How can I Improve Tajweed

Many of us grew up hearing the magnificent recital of the Quran. You believe you will never achieve the level of quality that we hear from these wonderful reciters. We always wish to have the same recitation level as the pro-Qari recite. Most often, we think, How can I improve my Tajweed? Now, you need … Read more

Importance of Muharram 9th and 10th

Importance of Muharram 9th and 10th

When it comes to talking about the Muharram holds a lot of sacrifices and Islamic events, such as the death of Imam Hassan(RA) and Hussain(RA). Islam has the great importance of Muharram 9th and 10th due to its history and tradition. Furthermore, these days allow Muslims to reflect on the values of justice, sacrifice, and … Read more

Importance of the Muharram in Islam

Importance of Muharram in Islam

  Do you want to know about the significance of the month of Muharram? Certainly, every Muslim has the quest to know about the history of Islam and most specifically this month. Well, by creating the situation we are here to let you know about this holy month that is full of sacrifices, lessons for … Read more

Quran A Divine Revelation

Quran A Divin Revelation by eQuranekareem Online Quran Academy

  Quran is the last and preserved Holy book, a divine revelation, that Allah sent for all humanity. It was revealed to the final and last messenger Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the 7th century. The Quran is the literal word of God, written in Arabic Language and is the most important part of the Islamic … Read more