Allahumma Barik

Allahumma Barik

Written by EquranekareemJun 28, 2024
Allahumma Barik in Arabic meaning and reply to allahumma barik

‘’Speaking Good Is The Base Of Courtesy’’

If you want to be a courteous Muslim, then practice some good ethics like ‘’Allahumma Barik’’ in your conversations. This is a beautiful phrase that is a way of sending blessings of Allah to someone. The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) also emphasizes using good words while talking to someone. This will positively uplift your manners and social behavior skills. Allah-umma Barik is a special supplication that is majorly used to appreciate or to be thankful to someone. In this blog, you will find the meanings, uses, transliteration, benefits, and historical background of the phrase Allhuma Barik.

Allahumma Barik In Arabic - Pronunciation & Meaning

Allahumma Barik in Arabic transliteration or pronunciation according to gender and singular pulral.

In Arabic it is written as(اللهم بارك). Allahumma barik meaning is ‘’May Allah bless’’ or “Oh Allah bless’’. It is a Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). He (PBUH) uses this phrase in His conversations and also teaches His companions to practice this. This phrase also increases the number of noble deeds of someone when he/she says it once “اللهم بارك“ and Allahumma Barik in Arabic can be pronounced as ‘’Allah-Humma-Ba’rik’’.

Allahuma Barik - How To Use It?

This phrase Allahuma Barik has multiple uses. It is a conversational phrase and it depends on whom we are saying these words. Like, there are different variations of this phrase that are used accordingly in front of a man, woman, child, or collectively.

Allahuma Barik Lahu (For Singular Male) (اللّهُـمَّ بارِكْ لَه)

Allahuma Barik lahu’ is used for a male(singular). Every language has grammatical rules for verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. So, this Arabic phrase has also different implementations according to gender and number of persons.

Allah Huma Barik Lahu Meaning

Allah humma barik lahu meaning is ‘’May Allah bless him’’ or ‘’Oh Allah grant him your blessings’’.

Allahuma Barik Laha (For Singular Female) (اللّهُـمَّ بارِكْ لَها)

Allahuma barik laha is used for a female(singular). When someone has to say this phrase to a girl or a woman who is a single individual, then they say ‘’Allahuma barik lahu’’.

Allahumma Barik Laha Meaning

Allahumma barik laha meaning is ‘’May Almighty Allah bless her’’ or ‘’Oh Allah(SWT)! Bless her’’.

Allahumma Barik Lahum (For Plural Male) (اللّهُـمَّ بارِكْ لَهُم)

Allahumma Barik Lahum is a collective noun used for sending blessings to a group. Here, this phrase is used for males. In this phrase, ‘’Lahum’’ is a compound noun that is used for multiple male individuals.

Allahumma Barik Lahon (For Plural Female) (اللّهُـمَّ بارِكْ لَهُنَّ)

Allahumma Barik Lahon is used for females. It means that ‘’May Allah(SWT) bless you all(women)’’. In this phrase, ‘’Lahon’’ is representing a collection of female individuals.

Allah Humma Barik - Historical References

Allah humma barik has amazing historical examples in Islam. Islamic scholars have mentioned it in their conversations and also advised their followers to practice this phrase in their daily conversations.

Reference - 01

One of the incidents about Allahumma Bareek is narrated by Aqil Bin Abu Ta’lib ,

‘’He got married to a girl belonging to a tribe Banu Jusham. The people of that tribe greet him with joy and say to him ‘’Oh you may live with peace and love. May you have sons to maximize your family. May you prosper’’. Then, he answered them and said that,
‘’Do not use these words, instead this said what the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) taught us: ‘’Allhuma Barik Lahum Wa Barikalaihim (اللَّهُمَّ بَارِكْ لَهُمْ وَبَارِكْ عَلَيْهِمْ)’’.

This has meaning: ‘’Oh dear Allah, Bless them with your bounties’’.

This incident is also mentioned in Sunan Ibn e Majah -1906.

Reference - 02

Another historical event about the phrase Allah humma barik is narrated by Abdullah Ibn e Abbas:

‘’He said that he was in the home of ‘Hazrat Maimoonah(R.A)’. Suddenly, the beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) came in with his companion Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed. Then, two broasted and long-tailed lizards also known as ‘Dabb’ were presented to Holy Prophet S.A.W. He(ﷺ) spat on the floor with intense dislikeness. Hazrat Khalid(R.A) said; ‘’I guess you abhorrent it, Oh My beloved Prophet of Allah’’. Then He(ﷺ) replied: Truly, I did’’. Then they presented milk to the Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ). He(ﷺ) drank that and said:
‘’Whenever you ate food or drink something, then you must say,
‘Allahumma baarik lana feehi wa zidna minhu’ (اللَّهُمَّ بَارِِكْ لَنا فِيهِ وَزِدْنَا مِنْهُ)

which means that;
‘Oh Allah(SWT), bless us with it and give us more of it, for no food or drink satisfies like milk’.

This is mentioned in Sunan Abi Dawood – 3730.

Reference - 03

Allahumma Barik Lana has another beautiful example that comes from our beloved Prophet S.A.W.

This incident is narrated by Abu Ummamah Bin Sahl Bin Hunaif,

‘’He said that Amir Bin Rabeeah was passing across Sahl Bin Hunaif while he was having a shower. He complimented after having a look at him that; ‘I have never seen such adorable skin before this’. Spontaneously, Sahl fell on the floor and got injuries. After this, he was presented before Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. He(P.B.U.H) said that, ‘’Sahl was fully fit but now he is not well. Whom do you accuse concerning to him?’’

Someone answered Him(P.B.U.H), It was Amir Bin Rabeeah’. Then said, ‘’Why would anyone of you kill his brother?’’ If he sees something beautiful or adorable, then say him blessing words like ‘allahummabarik (‘Oh Allah! bless him with more’). Then He(ﷺ) asked someone to bring water and then said ‘Amir Bin Rabeeah to take ablution’. He then washed his face and hands up to his elbows, knees, and feet. He(ﷺ) then asked him to collect that water with which he took ablution and asked him to sprinkle that water over his whole body.

It is mentioned in Sunan Ibn e Majah – 3509. (Book -31, Vol:04, Hadith no:74)

Reference - 04

The renowned Islamic scholar Ibn Al Qayyam (May Allah have mercy on him) once said;

‘’If any of you finds something precious or see something extremely beautiful, then say ‘Allahumma barik alayhi(May Allah bestow them)’. This must be used to avoid fear of evil eye which is harmful and causes distress of different levels. As the Prophet(ﷺ) said to Amir Ibn e Rabeeah; ‘’Did you not pray for barakah for him, when you look at Sahl Ibn Hunayf?’’ In simple words, did you not say Allahumma barik alayhi (Oh Dear Allah, bless him with more in it)?’’

It is mentioned in Book: Zad-Al-Ma’ad by Ibn al Qayyam, Vol-4/156.

Therefore, from all of these mentioned references, we got to know this whenever we see good or something that we like then we must say ‘’allahouma barik’’. This is also practiced by our last Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ) and by his companions and followers. As this is a Sunnah, we should habitually use this in our conversations. A Hadith related to this phrase is mentioned by Our Prophet(S.A.W);

“If one of you sees something with his brother that he admires, let him pray for blessing (barakah) for him.”

[Narrated by Imam Malik in al-Muwatta (2/939), Imam Ahmad in al-Musnad (25/355), and Ibn Majah (3509)]

Allahumma Barik Lana Dua

Allahumma Barik Lana Dua is used to keep yourself safe and secure from evil eyes

‘Allahumma Barik dua’ is written in an Arabic phrase which is treated as ‘dua’ in Islam. This is an effective and beautiful dua. This is an excellent way of praying for someone to get the blessings of Almighty Allah. It is very short and easy to memorize. It has also been taught and practiced by many Islamic scholars and they also endorse its use in daily life. Allahumma barik lana dua has so many benefits. We all should practice it to get its infinite advantages. This also enhances our struggle towards becoming a ‘practicing Muslim’.

When To Say Allah-Umma Barik?

‘Allahumma Barik dua’ is written in an Arabic phrase which is treated as ‘dua’ in Islam. This is an effective and beautiful dua. This is an excellent way of praying for someone to get the blessings of Almighty Allah.

It is very short and easy to memorize. It has also been taught and practiced by many Islamic scholars and they also endorse its use in daily life. Allahumma barik lana dua has so many benefits. We all should practice it to get its infinite advantages. This also enhances our struggle towards becoming a ‘practicing Muslim’.

When To Say Allah-Umma Barik?

Many people are confused about when to use Allah-umma Barik. They have perplexity in using it either in the time of appraisal or in the meaning of thanks. So, here a few events are mentioned in the following description that will remove your confusion and bring clarity about the uses of this phrase.


If you are traveling in a local bus and you have carried a lot of luggage with you. You couldn’t find a seat to sit on the bus. If someone helped you by giving you their seat to sit. Then at that time, you should say ‘Allahumma.barik’ to that person who helped you.


If you saw someone who is so adorable by the grace of Almighty Allah, then you should not directly use these kinds of sentences;

  • ‘’You are looking so pretty’’.
  • ‘’You have an attractive face’’.
  • ‘’You are so beautiful’’.

Instead of saying these kinds of sentences, you should prefer to say ‘’Allah huma barik’’ to compliment someone positively.


To avoid the curses of an evil eye, if you look at something and you directly go into an ‘’aww’’ situation of emotions. Then, it is much better to say ‘’Alhumma barik’’ to that person, thing, or event. This phenomenal phrase will make a protective shell against the evil eye and its bad effects.


If your sibling makes an incredible achievement in academics or professional field. To appreciate him/her in this regard you should say ‘’Alhumma barik to you my dear sister/brother for making such an exceptional achievement’’. This is a nice way of sending blessings.


If there is a celebration of someone’s birthday, you can say these blessing words to that person also. Like, ‘’Allah Mubarak’’ my dear! May you live long! This is a prayer that adds more to someone’s age rather than hurting from an evil sight. This also promotes its use to the listeners, to whom you said this.

Allahumma Barik Reply

Allahumma Barik Reply  Understand  how to respond to allahumma barik and its benefits with different phrases

Most people are curious about how to respond to allahumma barik. They wonder about Allahumma barik response and its implementation in their conversation.

  • Barakallahu Feek (بارك الله فيك):
    Allahumma barik response is also narrated as Barakallahu Feek which is an Arabic phrase also and has meanings as ‘’And may Allah bless you’’. This is also spelled as ‘’Wafīka bārakallāh(And may Allah bless you). This is a beautiful reply in the Arabic language and has also its benefits. One’s noble deeds increase when he/she uses it once. This is also included in the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
  • Ameen (آمين):
    Another reply to allahumma barik’’ is spelled as ‘Ameen’. This is a reply to the dua for seeking blessings. This is said in correspondence with the supplication
  • JazakAllah -u-Khairan (جزاك الله خيرًا):
    This is also an Arabic phrase and is a reply to Allahumabarik which means “May Allah bless you with the best reward.”This is a very nice way of being grateful to someone who requests Allah to bless you.

Allahumma Barik Or Mashallah

If you are struggling with the query of using the phrase or using MaShaaAllah in different events. Then, no worries at all. We present the difference between mashallah and Allahumma Barik with some useful information to tackle this query.

  • Allahumma barik lana fihi:
    It is a supplication and an Arabic phrase that is used for seeking Allah’s blessings in the events of appreciation, greetings, and in replacement of thanks.
  • MaShallah:
    It is an Arabic word that is often used in events, in the compliments of appraisal, and to protect someone from evil sight. But it is not a supplication.
  • Allahumma barik vs Mashallah:
    Allah Mubarak’ represents a request to Allah to send blessings on someone. In comparison to this, MaShaaAllah just shows the ownership of the Almighty for bestowing that blessing. It signifies and endorses the meaning that ‘’What Allah Wills?’’ which shows that for seeking blessings – Allah is the only source for this.

Benefits of Allahummabarik

Benefits of Allahummabarik but Allahummabarik have multiple benefits including Safety From Evil Eye, Noble Virtue and Practicing Sunnah.

Allahummabarik has wonderful benefits and its usage is also endorsed by our beloved Prophet(S.A.W) in different events. He advises his companions and His Ummah to say this phrase while saying random compliments. Its benefits are mentioned below;

  • Safety From Evil Eye
    This saves you from the adverse effects of an evil sight. This supplication works as a protection for you from such harmful things.
  • Noble Virtue
    Allahumma Barik dua increases the number of virtues in your record of noble actions. Whenever you say it, it maximizes the noble deed’s count.
  • Practicing Sunnah
    Our religion has two major sources of learning its knowledge and these are the Quran and the Sunnah. We should follow each sunnah of our Prophet(S.A.W) to become a practicing Muslim. The use of Allahumma Barik dua in our conversations is also one of His Sunnah. So, we must follow it to get the blessings of Allah.
  • Courtesy in Behavior
    When a person says this beautiful phrase to his/her Muslim brother or sister then it reflects a sign of courtesy in their behaviors. This also encourages the other person who is listening to this dua, to use this in their conversations to bring kindness in their behaviors.
  • Transferring Positive Vibes
    It is a way of transferring positivity to each other. In this way, people can have a healthy conversation among themselves. This also endorses a feeling of gratitude.
  • Allah’s Blessings
    To seek Allah’s (SWT) infinite blessings, this supplication is beneficial. It is a beautiful dua that has the exact meaning of requesting Allah to send His blessings.
  • Promoting Harmony and Kindness
    Using Allahumabarik in your conversations will deliver harmony, politeness, and respect. Through this, people will have enough courage to deal with someone with patience.
  • Reduces Jealousy
    The term ‘Hasad’ is used in Islam and means ‘’To be jealous of someone or to have bad intentions about someone’’. This type of bad habit can be avoided by the use of this phrase. Because it brings humbleness and kindness to one’s behavior.

Last Words

Lastly, ‘’Allahumma Bareek’’ is a special dua that our Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) gifted us. As Muslims, we all should practice this if we want to follow the Sunnah of our Prophet(S.A.W) and also to seek unlimited blessings from Allah(SWT).

In our blog, we present a complete detail of Allahouma Barik, so that you can learn, understand, memorize, and implement its use in your life.

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