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Our Approach

Our utmost focus is to provide an opportunity for students to learn Arabic and Quran online from home from our online Quran and Arabic teachers. By availing our courses, reading Quran online will be easy for you. 

We are not just an ordinary online Quran academy

we are here to guide you in each matter of faith. Accordingly, we provide a better environment for the students to learn Tajweed online in our online Quran teaching academy. At eQuranekareem, you’ll find the best way to learn Quran online!

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Select your preferred online Quran course, the time, and add the time to your calendar.

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Learn online Quran recitation with Tajweed from our online Arabic tutor.

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Complete the Quranic Arabic course online and get appraisal certification.

What We Offer?

We provide online Quran classes for kids and adults from beginner to expert level. Our Quran academy courses are easy and understandable for kids, young adults and older. In addition, our tutors enrich the kids with knowledge while learning Quran online.

We aim to provide the top class quran education online to our students.

You may want to learn Quran and Arabic online to gain the blessings of Allah and become closer to Him. Therefore, learn Quran online with Tajweed without caring about age boundaries.

Why Choose Us?


We focus on flexibility of schedule even during busy days.


We hire online Quran tutors and scholars around the globe to give our students the best Islamic knowledge.


We have an alternative teacher as a substitute for every mentor, so that you wouldn’t miss any of your online Quran classes.


Our platform equranekareem, has helped a lot of people to complete the Quran learning journey globally.


We offer pocket-friendly Quran learning courses online for the students, a wise decision awaits you!


We have the facility of one-on-one classes for our brothers and sisters to benefit from it.


Our online payment method is secure, quick, and hassle-free that you can rely on.


Our team will provide a progress report after every assessment and also give personalized feedback.

Meet Our Mentor

Our dedicated mentors motivate and inspire students to pursue their Quran journey for knowledge and spiritual growth. Similarly, every Quran and Arabic teacher is highly dedicated and professional while teaching the Quran to the student.

You may enroll in Quran tajweed lessons, Quran Qirat classes, Quran online Arabic classes, and Quran memorization classes according to your choice and interest. Hence, take the benefit of learning the Quran online without leaving the comfort of your home.

Misbah Ud Din
Misbah Ud Din

Misbah Ud Din is our online Quran tutor who is highly certified in Dars e Nizami with MA Islamiat. He has been providing online Quran education to the students since 4 years.

Ikram Ullah-Arabic teacher
Ikram Ullah

Meet Ikram Ullah, our online Arabic Quran teacher, who is highly certified in Dars e Nizami with an MA in Islamiat. He excels in online Quran teaching classes with 4 years of experience.

Muhammad Shahid
Muhammad Sajjad

Muhammad Sajjad is our best online Quran tajweed teacher and is greatly qualified in the Dars e Nizami course. His online Quran teaching classes are very beneficial for the students.

Muhammad Shahid- quran teacher
Muhammad Shahid
Sr. Quran Teacher

Meet Muhammad Shahid, our Arabic and Quran teacher, specializing in the Quran with tajweed. He’s highly qualified with a background in Dars e Nizami. His online Quranic Arabic classes are really beneficial.

Our Reliable Online Platform for Islamic Education

Get 100% results by studying the Quran with our recognized tutors.

Here, get a free 3-day trial of Quran learning by enrolling with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no limitations on the age when you enroll with us. Everyone can benefit from our online Quran classes.

No need for any formalities, you just have a strong internet connection, your personal laptop and a calm environment to attend the online Quran lessons.

It entirely depends on the online Quran student capabilities that how much he/she takes time to complete the course. On average, it ranges from a few months to a year.

Yes, we have a one-on-one facility available for you. We assign a separate Quran teacher to each student for uninterrupted classes.

Not at all! When you learn the Quran teaching with us forget about your age. As there is no age limit while learning the Quran with us.

No need to worry! When you skip any Quran class you can reschedule it again or we have the recordings of the previous class for you as well.

Our online payment method is very secure and easy to proceed. you can make the payment via Paypal, direct bank transfers, or any other payment portals provided by us.

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