Arabic Language Course

“Language Enroutes To Understandings, Knowledge,and Wisdom’’

Online Arabic language course is mandatory if you want to read and understand the Quran. Almighty Allah Has narrated the Quran in this language, so its learning is pretty important for us. For learning Arabic, eQuranekareem is presenting an easy-to-understandable course for you to gain knowledge of the Quran!

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‘’Arabic is the language of the Quran’’

If you are struggling with the problem of ‘’Learning Arabic’’ then our course is the solution to that. Start your journey by acquainting yourself with our comprehensively designed course. Familiarize yourself with the unique Arabic script, including Arabic grammar, its letters, sounds, and pronunciation. By taking our Arabic course online, you will be able to write letters and their different forms to build a strong foundation for reading and writing Arabic.

Well, learn Arabic language online with our highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated online Arabic teacher. The learning of this language is pretty important because it is the language which is chosen by Allah(SWT) to narrate the Quran. In this regard, we begin the course of Arabic language for the students.

To speak the Arabic language like a native of Arab, get enrolled and get advantage from it!

Arabic Language Course

Learn Arabic Online

We are here to teach you Arabic like a native Arab!

There are many reasons that non-Arabs learn the language of Arabic. With our Arabic online courses, you will Learn arabic grammar along with an understanding of its alphabetical order and its uses. Mostly people prefer online education in today’s modern era. So, learn Arabic online with us to read and teach the Quran.

Online Arabic Classes and Their Stages

We have developed three stages for online Arabic classes. For these stages, we did not make any boundary of age. People of random ages can pursue this course.

Beginner Stage

To learn Arabic for beginners is a bit challenging but with the help of our classes, we make this an easy task for them. Usually, at the start of Arabic course for beginners, we present;

  • Arabic pronunciation skills
  • Verbs in Arabic
  • Arabic pronouns
  • Arabic adjectives

Intermediate Stage:

At this stage, we focus on the learning of students about;

  • Sentence structure of Arabic
  • Arabic sentences
  • This will enhance the learning aptitude of students.

Advanced Stage:

In an advanced stage of Arabic online classes, students are enough prepared to implement their learnings practically. We also conduct practice-oriented tasks and activities in our classes, making them perfect for using this language.

Arabic Language Lessons

Arabic Learning Classes & Their Features

Our online Quran academy brings some extraordinary features for our students across the globe to learn Arabic.

Course Name:

Arabic Language

Arabic Language Tutor:

Our passionate teachers while teaching Arabic online, start the course with basics of Arabic grammar. Then they gradually take students toward learning Arabic sentences. We are providing both male and female online Arabic teacher, so the students may choose their teacher according to their choice.

Flexible Timings:

As we prioritize your requirements, the timings for our course are flexible. We adjust classes according to your choice of time.

Class Types:

We are conducting classes in one-on-one lesson mode.

Weekly Lessons:

Normally, we give five lessons per week but to give you a benefit, we also present weekend classes.

Online arabic course

Monthly Assessment:

To improve your learning, we predict the grey areas of your learning by taking tests at the end of each month. This analysis helps the students to focus on improving their flaws.

Lesson Duration:

The time of one lesson is 45-60 minutes.

Multi-Lingual Classes:

Dealing with students worldwide, we present classes in English, Urdu, Hindi, and Arabic.

Online Arabic Language Course and Its Requirements

To learn Arabic language online with us, you need the following things;

  • Good Internet Connectivity
  • Laptop / PC / Mobile Phone or Tablets
  • Headphones (For keeping a good focus in class)
  • Zoom / Skype/ Google Meet / MS Teams or any portal of your choice

Learning Arabic Online With Our Dedicated Teachers

Arabic learning online becomes a simple and easy task with the assistance of our highly qualified staff. They teach Arabic online to students across the world with much devotion and dedication. Our online Arabic teacher uses commendable techniques in Arabic language classes to deliver the best learning for students.

Online Arabic Course & Reasons To Choose Us

There are some extremely unique factors in our Arabic online course, which make us a unique and best choice for learning this course. Our devoted online Arabic teacher prioritizes a few important points while delivering our Arabic courses online;

  • The student learn basic Arabic, its vocabulary, and phrases, such as greetings, numbers, and everyday expressions at the start of the course.


  • The basics of Arabic grammar
  • Arabic alphabet with pronunciation
  • Basic pronouns
  • Tenses
  • Verbs with their usage in Arabic sentences
  • Nouns with gender agreement and emphasizing the distinction between masculine and feminine forms
  • Active participles
  • Adverbs
  • Adjectives
  • Passive and active verbs
  • Six types of verbs with their implementations
  • Comprehension Paragraphs
  • Revision tests and examinations to analyze the learning performance
Arabic Language course online
  • Emphasizing the unique sounds and Arabic letters in our Arabic language classes.
  • Teaching simple sentence structures, focusing on subject-verb-object patterns.
  • Lessons on common Arabic words and their conjugations in the present tense in ‘’course Arabic online’’.
  • While teaching Arabic online, we introduce basic prepositions and their usage in simple sentences.
  • Introducing possessive pronouns and their agreement with nouns.
  • Daily assessments such as quizzes, speaking practice, and tests to become a pro in speaking Arabic.

Arabic Language Lessons

Introducing Simple Ways To Learn and Speak Arabic!

We are introducing basic rules and books to learn Arabic perfectly. Our focused teachers designed a special breakdown for Arabic language lessons. The description of this breakdown is given below;

There are two main rules of our Arabic lessons that every student learns while learning this language;

  • Saraf( صرف )
  • Al-Noh(النحو)

Likewise, our tutors use authentic books for the language of Arabic learning. These books include;

1. دروس اللغۃ العربیۃ

Dr. Abdul Rahim wrote this three-volume work. Join us now for learning this with our virtual Arab Tutors to learn how to communicate in Arabic flawlessly. Learn Arabic online with our course which includes how to speak, listen, read, and write Arabic. This will lead you to become a better reader, spectator, and communicator in the language of Arabic.

2. العربــية بيــن يديــك

This book is divided into three volumes. It teaches either traditional Arabic or Fusha Arabic. The students study Arabic with its vocabulary, structure of sentences, writing essays, and speaking abilities. In this way, they learned it progressively.

العربية للناشئين .3

This book is divided into six volumes, each with additional information and activities to help you improve your communication, learning, writing, and listening skills.

Join our free Arabic classes to learn this language in all aspects!

Arabic Language Course & Its Significance

Learn Arabic language online with the ease of home comfort. This learning is of great significance concerning Islam and the Quran. You can have the following incentives after having this course;

  • With the flexibility of time for our online course, Arabic learning becomes a simply understandable task.
  • We also present online Arabic classes for kids with specially designed kid’s learning-oriented courses.
  • Learn Quranic Arabic online with us under the supervision of our certified and experienced teachers.
  • Also, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) endorses learning standard Arabic, so you will be able to read and understand the Qur’an.

The Last Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) said,

“The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.”
[Volume 6, Book 61, Number 546: Narrated Uthman bin Affan]

Quranic Arabic Course is very important, especially for Muslims. To read the Quran is a noble virtue and is also included in our religion. To be a practicing Muslim, learning Arabic courses is essential.

Recommended Course

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How to start learning Arabic?

You can opt for learning Arabic online from any institute or certified online academy.

How to learn Arabic for beginners?

The beginners can pursue our Arabic courses for beginners to learn this language.

How can I learn Arabic fast?

By practicing the learned Arabic lessons for maximum number of times, you can be a pro in speaking and writing this language.


Hey! I am Maryam Fatimah from the United States of America. I am feeling so blessed after the successful completion of my Arabic language course with eQuranekareem. All credit goes to your devoted staff!

Maryam Fatimah

’Assalam-o-Alykum! It’s Haider from Canada. I want to share my amazing experience with your academy in learning Arabic courses online. Your untired efforts and smart techniques of learning were extremely beneficial for me. Humbly grateful to you guys!


Hey! I am Maryam Fatimah from the United States of America. I am feeling so blessed after the successful completion of my Arabic language course with eQuranekareem. All credit goes to your devoted staff!

Maryam Fatimah

’Assalam-o-Alykum! It’s Haider from Canada. I want to share my amazing experience with your academy in learning Arabic courses online. Your untired efforts and smart techniques of learning were extremely beneficial for me. Humbly grateful to you guys!


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