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eQuranekareem brings innovations to the world of online religious courses to learn Arabic and Quran online with our Quran courses, Arabic courses and Islamic studies programs. Our online Quran tutors provide lessons interestingly and interactively to gather more attention from the students and make it an easy and joyful online session for them!

Our academy has established a courses outline that comprises all the features of the Quran, Arabic, and Islam. We keep motivating our students by giving them appreciation!

Join our academy to study Quran online in the comfort of your home with our Quran online academy. We are offering three major courses which are;

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Online Quran Courses

Our online Quran courses are easy and understandable for every kid or even adults. Our tutors engage the students during the class by learning Kalimas, telling Islamic events, and memorizing Namaz and Duas. In each online Quran course, our teachers work diligently to help students read, learn, and recite the Holy Quran. Our key components of this course are given as follows:

Noorani Qaida Course

Noorani Qaida

Presenting the “Noorani Qaida Course” for making a strong base of our students for learning Quran reading. This course is designed exclusively to inculcate Arabic pronunciation skills, Arabic grammar, and phonetics of Quranic Arabic.

online nazra quran


At the start of our course, we focused on helping our students with basic knowledge like the Arabic alphabets with its pronunciation skills, so that students will learn about Nazra course with perfection.

online quran with tajweed


After learning about Nazra, students are promoted to our Quran tajweed online classes in which they are taught about the recitation of the Quran in our online classes.

online qirat course


We enhance the recitation skills of our students through different interactive activities included in our online Qirat course. We are modifying the ways of learning the Quran under the supervision of our best online Quran tutors.

quran memorization course


With our untiring efforts and struggle, we are standing as one of the best Quran academy. To make your kids Hafiz-ul-Quran for getting infinite bounties of Allah Taálaa we have established Quran memorization program.

quran tafseer course


Moreover, our team of well-experienced and highly qualified tutors has compiled and established a course for learning Tafseer through online classes. To accompany this, we also provide Quran with Tafseer online for our students across the world.

online ijazah course


We also give appreciation to our extraordinary students for their achievements throughout the course. Therefore, we provide online ijazah course which keeps our students motivated and enhances their eagerness for more learning.

online quran translation course


We inculcate the love of Allah Almighty in the hearts of our students rather than only the fear of Allah. For this, we designed particular lessons to teach students about Quran Translation.

Free online Quran classes for kids

Quran Classes For Kids

We are offering specifically designed ‘’Online Quran courses for kids’’, in which our focus is to develop a hunger for learning the Quran and Islam from the start of their lives.

Online Islamic Courses

‘’Islam plays the role of ‘’soul’’ in ‘’Muslim’s lives’’.

To help our students build their bond with Islam and Allah, we are offering major Islamic Courses online. In our online Islamic classes, teachers deliver lessons that include Islam’s basics, history, and civilization. Our Islamic courses are an excellent source to learn about Islam.

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