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Muslim parents want their kids to be successful, exemplary, and, practicing Muslim. To achieve this purpose, this is mandatory for kids to learn online Quran from the beginning of their lives!

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Are you seeking online Quran learning classes for your kid?
How kids can learn Quran to read the Quran?
Are you juggling with the difficulty of how to learn Arabic fast?

You will find here the answers to all of your questions. In today’s innovative world, we are providing your child with a user-friendly platform for learning the Quran under the guidance of our highly qualified online Quran teachers.

We are offering impactful and flexible courses for the kids to connect them with the education of the Quran.

Online Quran Classes

Online Quran Classes Designed For Kids

eQuranekareem offers particular stages of our online Quran course. We categorize this course into three steps depending on the age and caliber of kids. Following is the description of these three levels.

Beginner Stage:

This is the stage for those kids who have no previous knowledge of the Quran and Arabic. In this stage, we provide a Noorani Qaida Coursethat is specially designed for kids to learn the basics of the Quran. This initial step is of much importance to reach the level of memorization and recitation of the Holy Quran.

Intermediate Stage:

Here comes the middle stage, in which we are offering online Tajweed classes for kids. This will master your kid’s recitation skills of the Quran and also enable them to implement Tajweed rules while reading the Quran. For the Quran memorization program, we will assess your kid after passing this stage. If he/she will successfully fulfill the criteria then they will be promoted to the advanced stage.

Advanced Stage:

At this stage, your kid is trained enough to get enrolled in an Online Hifz-ul-Quran course offered particularly by us. After passing the first two stages of Quran learning, students can go for Ijazah Quran after completing the online Quran memorization course. After passing all the stages of course, your kid will be able to read, write, recite, understand, and, memorize the Quran in his/her life.

Arabic Lessons For Beginners

Online Quran Classes For Kids - Features

Our course features are given below;

Course Name:

Online Quran Classes For Kids

Our Online Quran Tutor:

Providing both male and female Quran teachers for students worldwide to have a choice of selecting a teacher.

Flexible Timings:

We present flexibility of time in our online classes for fulfilling the student’s requirements.

Class Types:

We are conducting classes in one-on-one lesson mode.

Weekly Lessons:

Offering five lessons per week but to facilitate you, we also present weekend classes.

Online quran courses for kids

Monthly Assessment:

To make your learning a flawless one, we conduct revision tests monthly and annually.

Lesson Duration:

The time of one lesson is 30-45 minutes.

Multi-Lingual Classes:

Dealing with students worldwide, we present classes in English, Urdu, Hindi and Arabic.

Online Quran Courses Requirements

To pursue this course, you will have to fulfill the following requirements;

  • Good Internet Connectivity
  • Laptop / PC / Mobile Phone or Tablets
  • Headphones (For keeping a good focus in class)
  • Zoom / Skype/ Google Meet / MS Teams or any portal of your choice

Online Quran Classes

Here is a detailed list of our course’s mandatory components for kids to learn in our Quran courses.

Arabic Lessons For Beginners

  • Interacting activities for kids to enhance letter pronunciation
  • Performing different techniques with kids for learning Arabic alphabet pronunciation skills

Arabic Basics

  • Different practical class activities to uplift the Arabic writing and reading skills of kids. This is the answer to the frequently asked question of parents which is ‘’how to learn Arabic basics’’?
  • Spoken Arabic classes by our tutors to make kids learn the Arabic alphabet
  • Performing different techniques with kids for learning Arabic alphabet so they can read and write Arabic letters.

Tajweed Classes

  • Guiding kids to learn Tajweed rules of the Quran.
  • In-depth classes for proper Quran recitation
  • Tips to memorize and learn Quran with Tajweed

Rhymes of Quran Verses

  • Kids adapt lessons quickly with their fresh and sharp minds through rhyming methods, so our Quran teachers compile a booklet of rhymes by picking up short verses from the Quran. Therefore, it will make fast learning of kids.
  • Daily fun-loving tasks plus rhymes are added to our preschool Islamic curriculum. So, Quran learning classes go systematically for your kid’s learning pattern.
  • Implementation of rhyming techniques in our Quran recitation classes.

Duas in Islam

  • Daily dossier in classes for learning and memorization of important Duas in Islam
  • An amalgamation of daily duas activities
  • Inspiring kids to learn, recite and memorize these Islamic Duas

Quran Stories

  • Portrayal of stories from the Quran with moral lessons
  • Visualization lessons to learn Quran online for better memorization of stories

Quran Quiz

  • Integration of interesting gaming activities and quizzes for a joyful learning experience
  • Emphasizing Quran concepts by engaging kids in interesting games for deep learning of kids
  • Repetitive tests to track their learning process

Quran Memorization Program

  • Presenting an expert guide to improve Quran memorization for kids.
  • Incorporating repetition and visualization activities in kids for memorizing Quran in online classes. Adding daily practice tasks into a kid’s routine for excellent memorization.

Integrating Islamic Values

Knowing the fact of the importance of Inculcating basic Islamic values in the education of the Quran for kids, we are providing a short course on Islamic values and their significance in our online Quranic education classes. It will prove a milestone in building a hearty connection of kids with The Quran and Sunnah. This will modify their ways of living according to Islam.

The significance of learning the Quran is described by Allah in the Quran, and Hadith also.

In the Quran, Allah says,

‘’Your Lord is the Most Generous Who Has taught (the writing) by the pen? He Has taught man that which he knew not’’
[ Al-Quran 96: 1-5]

Moreover, it has been narrated by Uthman that the Prophet (S.A.W) said that;

‘’The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quraan and teach it.’’

Short Online Quran Courses For Kids

We are also offering a few short courses from the Quran to increase the learning of your kid. Our teachers have nicely modified the major Quran courses into their short versions so that it will be easy for kids to learn Arabic and the Quran. Here these are!

  • Islam’s Five Pillars
  • Duas, Hadith, and Azkaar
  • Complementary Islamic Lessons
  • Tafsir and Fiqh
  • 6 Pillars of Iman

Benefits of Online Quran Classes For Kids

  • Arabic basics
  • Knowledge of Tajweed Rules and its implementation on recitation
  • Free memorization course
  • Memorization and understanding of prayer and supplication Duas
  • Implication and regulation of daily duas
  • Excellent recitation skills of Quran verses
  • Kids learn the importance of Salah, Azkaar, and Duas
  • Building a strong and beautiful connection of the Quran with heart and soul by empowering Islamic thoughts
  • Historical background of learned Surah from The Quran

Why Choose Us

There are a few reasons that make us a unique academy for online Quran courses across the globe.

Expert Tutors:

Our online Quran tutors bring innovation and easy learning steps for your kid to get excellent results in learning the Quran and Arabic education.

24/7 Availability:

Our Quran tutors are working efficiently to ensure their availability 24/7. We are at your doorstep to guide your child to his/her excellence in Islamic education


We are offering our online Quran classes and courses as per availability. We value the needs of our parents and kids to provide them with our services without any barriers.

Affordable Packages:

Our courses are feasible and affordable for parents to get their children enrolled in our academy.

Online Quran Courses for kids

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Our team is promoting love for reading the Quran which eventually paved a pathway that will take your kid towards the direction of Islam and Almighty Allah, which is also termed as; Sirate Mustaqeem (The straight righteous path) in the Quran.

islamic studies courses

This verse in English translation is written as;

‘’Guide Us To The Right Path’’

We are focused on delivering education on the Quran in the best manner for kids worldwide.

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