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Are you enthusiastic about Quran memorization in your heart? Do you have an eagerness to get the blessings of Allah (SWT) in this world and hereafter? Then, don’t wait anymore and enroll with us for quran memorization course.

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Learning to memorize the Holy Quran is both a religious and intellectual effort. For your assistance, the eQuranekareem stepped in as a guidance light for our brothers and sisters to learn and memorise Quran.

To learn this course, we are delivering lessons innovatively and interactively worldwide. Quran Hifz is a fantastic feat in seeking the attention, love, and mercy of Allah(SWT). Our course is designed on simple and interesting terms to make the memorization - an easy and interactive one for all of you!

quran memorization course

Memorize the Quran Online with Us

We provide the Quran Memorization course, where we have recruited certified and experienced tutors for your benefit. At the start of the session, a detailed timetable will be prepared with you, and the experts will assist you in implementing it so that you may accomplish your objective within the predetermined time limit.

Moreover, a friendly environment is given to the students where they find the best Quran reciter for memorization as their tutors. The students are asked to repeat the ayah many times in the class. By doing so, our students memorize the and keep Holy Quran it in their hearts forever

Benefit from our wallet-friendly offer to memorize the Quran online with us!

Online Hifz Program - Stages

We are offering three stages of our online Hifz program which are based on the age and mental capabilities of the students to adapt to this course.

Beginner Stage

In this stage, students aged 4-7 years old can enroll in this course.

Intermediate Stage

In the intermediate stage, students aged 7-14 years old are taught the online Hifz classes along with the tactics of our skilled teachers.

Advanced Stage

This stage is for the extraordinary exceptional students who have completed the first two stages of this course. Also, there is no age limit for this. You just need a good caliber to adapt to online Hifz course.

Online Hifz Program

Quran Hifz Course - Features

We have designed multiple features for learning Quran Hafiz course. These are;

Course Name:

Quran Memorization

Our Online Hifz Tutor:

We are giving an open choice to our students – to select a tutor for themselves from our staff of male and female online Hifz teacher teachers who teach them around the world.

Flexible Timings:

Our online Hifz classes are with an open choice of time – we prioritize the needs of our students.

Class Types:

Providing one-on-one lessons in our classes for this course.

Weekly Lessons:

We give 5 lessons a week and for more facilitation, we also deliver weekend classes.

Online quran memorization course

Monthly Evaluation:

Teachers designed tests for every month so the skills of students can be polished.

Lesson Duration:

The timings for one lesson are 30-60 minutes.

Multi-Lingual Classes:

Deliver our courses worldwide – in English, Urdu, Hindi and Arabic.

Online Hifz Program - Requirements

You will need the following tools for online Hifz course;

  • Good Internet Connectivity
  • Laptop / PC / Mobile Phone or Tablets
  • Headphones (For keeping a good focus in class)
  • Zoom / Skype/ Google Meet / MS Teams or any portal of your choice

Our Online Hifz Tutor

Our Quran Hafiz course guide is meant to assist those who want to Hifz the Quran but have been reluctant to do it effectively. It is due to the need for a qualified online Hifz teacher or an absence of adequate instruction. Well, you need not take the strain at all with us! Moreover, our tutors adopt the following teaching methods such as;

  • Our certified tutors as our tutors encourage the student’s desire to learn the Quran online.
  • Our online Hifz tutor spends so much time with students and keeps reciting with them for the Hifz practice.
  • They arrive to class regularly, and courses run well.
  • We take our responsibility to educate seriously since it is the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

Hifzul Quran Online Learning - Why Choose Us?

Our course outline is designed by experts in an innovative way to make learning for the course of Hifzul Quran so that the students don’t take it as a difficult task.
Also, you’ll get some exclusive benefits from our course;

  • Offering the Quran memorization schedule which proves beneficial for fast learning of students.
  • Our course is affordable for all students across the world – we made memorizing Quran an easy task!

Quran Hafiz Course - What You Learn After This?

Our procedure for the Hifz e Quran is so smooth and easy to adapt. Our expert teachers make it easy to memorize the lesson smoothly and easily. At the same time, you may rely on us for online Hifz classes, as we are pros in it.

Furthermore, we know how to memorize the lesson for students. There are three main processes that every Hafiz should have to go through while taking the class. The best method for memorizing Quran is;

  • Sabaq(سبق)
  • Sabqi(سبقی)
  • Manzil(منزل)
Hifzul quran courses

Sabaq (سبق)

The daily lessons that a tutor delivers for the student are named Sabaq(سبق). The teacher recites with the student and asks him to learn the lesson until he does not memorize it. This is an important factor in the course of Hifzul Quran. The primary and utmost focus of the tutor is to teach Nazra first to the student and then start Hifz. After this, the tutor listens to the lesson daily from the students. The Hifz Quran mainly starts from the 1st part of the Holy Book, and the tutor starts teaching the Nazra from the Noorani Qaidah .

Sabqi (سبقی)

Sabqi is the step after the Sabaq. The Sabqi(سبقی) stands for the lesson a student recites to the tutor, apart from the Sabaq(the whole week’s lesson). Thus, he’ll recite the whole lesson or Siparah previously memorized. This type of learning will make students a Quran memorizer with all the perfections!

Manzil (منزل)

The step after the Sabqi(سبقی) comes to Manzil; a student has to recite the whole lesson he has memorized. In each class, the tutor first listens to the Sabaq, then the Sabqi. Ultimately, the point comes to Manzil; a tutor can listen to any Siparah or Ruku to the student. The tutor will only move forward with the new lesson once the student is committed to memorizing the previous lesson.

Hifzul Quran Online & Its Significance

‘’The Quran is Allah’s Holy Book; it should be studied and held seriously’’.

Well, knowing the Quran by heart is a beautiful experience, a priceless asset, and a treasured asset in and of itself. It’s as though you possess the Quran in your heart. Moreover, spending an hour with our online Hifz teacher is the best time to memorize the Quran.
The illuminating light of the Holy Book surrounds you as a guidebook, no matter where you go or anything you do. Similarly, our Prophet(PBUH) said with this regard to learning the Holy Quran is;

“The likeness of the one who reads Qur’aan and memorizes it is that he is with the righteous honorable scribes.”

Are you longing for a Quran Hafiz Course? Do you really want to be so near to the holy book? Then, you need not worry at all! We are here to resolve your issue and help you to memorize the Quran online and remain in your hearts forever! Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) says about the importance of this noble deed;

“A person who recites the Quran and masters it by heart will be with the noble Angels (in Jannah). And such a person exerts in learning Quran by heart, and recites it with great difficulty, will have a double reward.”

Recommended Course

Our recommended courses are;


How to memorize Quran?

The simplest way to memorize the Quran is to take online Quran memorization classes from a certified Quran academy. There, you will learn the course at the ease of your home with the help of experienced teachers.

What is a Hafiz?

The one who memorise Quran online completely verse-by-verse in his/her heart is called as Hafiz e Quran.

How many people memorized the Quran?

There are around 200 million people who have memorized the Quran until now.

How to memorize Quran fast?

You can do it by following the practice tips and guidelines of your tutor for Quran Hifz course .

How long does it take to memorize the Quran?

There is no perfect time limitation required for this. It depends on the caliber of the one who wants to make Quran Hifz.


Assalam-o-Alykum! It's Sayeda Tooba here from New York City USA. I am proudly saying that my son Irtaza has completed his Hifz e Quran with the assistance of your academy. I am obliged to have you as my helping hand in nurturing my kid’s Quranic education

Sayeda Tooba

‘’Greetings to all! I am Naeem from Sydney- Australia. Alhamdulillah! My daughter Maryam has successfully finished your online Hifz course. May Almighty bless you for delivering such a noble service worldwide’’!


Assalam-o-Alykum! It's Sayeda Tooba here from New York City USA. I am proudly saying that my son Irtaza has completed his Hifz e Quran with the assistance of your academy. I am obliged to have you as my helping hand in nurturing my kid’s Quranic education

Sayeda Tooba

‘’Greetings to all! I am Naeem from Sydney- Australia. Alhamdulillah! My daughter Maryam has successfully finished your online Hifz course. May Almighty bless you for delivering such a noble service worldwide’’!


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