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If you want to be a reciter of Quran, here is the source for that! Our Quran tutors are providing you with their expertise and guidance to recite Quran beautifully!

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It is an amazing experience to explore the depths of the Quran and delve into its heavenly verses. The eQuranekareem, which permits you to learn Nazra online, stands out as a glowing beacon in the modern era of technology.

Get ready to be fascinated with the extraordinary world of recitation and learning Quran online!

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Learn Nazra Quran With Tajweed

Nazra is suitable and the best choice for Muslims worldwide who know nothing about the reading of the Quran. Similarly, many people want to learn about reading and reciting the Quran. Here is the platform best Quran recitation for all to read and recite the Quran. Now, you need not worry at all because we are here to assist you in each matter related to learning the Quran.

Enlighten your souls with the divine book of the Holy Quran and reserve your seat with us to become an expert Quran reader!

Furthermore, traditional methods of education have now embraced the virtual realm. Now, you can learn the online Nazra Quran in just a click. One remarkable development is the advent of online Quran teaching, which has opened up new avenues for Muslims around the world to connect with the Holy Book from the comfort of their homes. Hence, we will explore the significance of reciting and how to learn Nazra online at eQuranekareem.

Make a penny-wise decision to learn Nazra online with us!

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Stages Of Our Nazra Course

According to the age and caliber of students, we categorized our course into three stages.


In this stage, students belonging to the age group of 5-7 years can be enrolled. Also, the students who are from different age groups, but want to learn the Quran as a beginner - are also more than welcome!


Students of 7-14 years of age can take part in this stage. Also, those who have enough prior knowledge of learning the Quran can take the intermediate stage as their initial step of online Qirat course.


Students with age above 14 years with good caliber and basic knowledge of Nazra, can pursue this stage.

Features Of Our Nazra Course

We value the priorities and satisfaction of our students. The main reason for the parents and students to trust us is that we provide quality education while meeting the deadlines for the best Quran reciter course. The salient features of our course are;

Offered Course:

Nazra course

Our Quran Teachers:

Our academy offers both male and female online Quran teacher for our students – keeping their choices and comfort in our vision.

Flexible Timings:

Our students can take our online Quran lesson with their personal choice of time. There are no time specifications for our classes. We deliver classes with time flexibility!

Class Types:

We are giving One-on-One online classes to our students across the world for their deep learning and understanding of online Quran recitation.

Weekly Lessons:

We deliver a different number of lessons with variable price ranges as per the affordability of our clients. To facilitate you, we also provide weekend classes to our students. The price packages for no. of lessons in a week vary from country to country. You can check our pricing page for more details!

Nazra Quran Course Features

Monthly Assessment:

Our teachers organize some sort of test to assess the learning scores of students at the end of the month.

Age Criteria:

Students belonging to all groups of ages can enroll in our courses as we did not make limitations on age for acquiring Islamic education.

Lesson Duration:

Our lesson timings for online classes are from 30-45 minutes. We also provide relaxation in time depending on the needs of our students.

Multi-Lingual Classes:

We are providing our courses across the world in different languages depending upon the region. Majorly, we are delivering lectures in English, Hindi, Arabic, and Urdu.

Requirements For Nazra Online Class

You will need the following tools to take the class;

  • Good Internet Connectivity
  • Laptop / PC / Mobile Phone or Tablets
  • Headphones (For keeping a good focus in class)
  • Zoom / Skype/ Google Meet / MS Teams or any portal of your choice

Our Dedicated Tutors

At our academy, we have the best Quranic reciters who teach students about the Quran with an interesting and innovative aptitude. However, with us, you’ll observe that our online Quran teachers are highly certified and well-experienced to teach the students with the ease of their comfort.

In addition, the student can ask any question to the tutor during the class and he’ll be answered in a well-defined way. In our structured recitation program, you will find the finest Quran reciter here. The program assists the students in reading and reciting fluently.

Hence, eQuranekareem is the ideal platform to learn Nazra online.

Why Choose Us To Learn Nazra Online?

Are you looking for a heartfelt recitation that will have a lasting effect on your feelings and soul?

Certainly, everyone wants to become a pro in recitation. As it is a matter of religion and we all are Muslims. Therefore, we are offering to our honored sisters and brothers worldwide to learn Nazra online with our expert Quran teachers.

Additionally, you’ll get the following incentives after availing of our Nazra syllabus;

  • You can get access to learn Nazra online at the ease of your comfort.
  • In our budget-friendly offer, you learn a lot that doesn’t cost the earth to Nazra Quran with Tajweed.
  • We are available for our prestigious students around o’clock.

What You Learn After Opting For The Nazra Course?

We have gathered a team of exceptional online Quran tutors who possess exceptional expertise in Quran recitation. Through our online platform, you can effortlessly connect with the finest teachers worldwide and conveniently attend lessons from the comfort of your home. Experience the opportunity to engage directly with these highly skilled Quran teachers, ensuring a truly enriching learning experience.

There are the following things that are included in the Nazra Quran syllabus;

  • Where to take the stop (وَقْف) while reciting the Quranic Ayah.
  • Bold the letters
  • Basic tajweed rules so that the student might recite the Quran as our beloved Prophet (PBUH) recites.
  • The duration of the Mad letters (حروف مد) elongates in the Ayah.
  • Fluency in reading the Holy book with Tajweed.
Online Nazra quran classes

Significance Of Availing Of The Nazra Quran

A lot of incentives that you will get by reading the Quran not only in this world but hereafter. Meanwhile, some people are in quest of acquiring the Quranic knowledge and think about how to learn the Quran with the Tajweed.

There are the following things that you’ll learn during the Nazra classes such as;

  • After reciting and reading you’ll get the importance of Nazra Quran.
  • Fluency in reading and reciting the Quran
  • Get blessings of Allah (SWT) in each word you learn from the Quran
  • A friendly environment where you can ask any query to your tutor during the class

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When Quran is recited?

People recite different Quran quotes according to some specific situations but usually Quran can be recited at any time to seek the blessings of Allah.

What are the ways to recite Quran?

There are 7 ways of Qirat to recite the Quran in different ways.

Where can I find best Quranic Reciters to teach me the Quran?

You can learn the beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran through our academy under the guidance of skilled teachers.


Hi! Its Saira from Australia. Just grateful to eQuranekareem for developing Ali’s interest in learning the Quran with Nazra. Ma’Sha’Allah! Ali is getting inspired by the interactive lessons. He can now recite the Quran beautifully after getting Quran Recitation course with the help of your tutors.


Am Zobia from Canada. Alhamdulillah! My daughter Ayesha is just 7 years old and she completed Tajweed of Quran and Arabic grammar course at an early age. The credit for this achievement goes to eQuraneKareem online Quran academy.


Salam! Am Ali from the UK. With the untired diligence of eQuraneKareem teachers, my son Haider can memorize the Quran. Teachers are excellent and use brilliant memorization techniques in Quran memorization course.


Hi! Its Saira from Australia. Just grateful to eQuranekareem for developing Ali’s interest in learning the Quran with Nazra. Ma’Sha’Allah! Ali is getting inspired by the interactive lessons. He can now recite the Quran beautifully after getting Quran Recitation course with the help of your tutors.


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