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Are you seeking Islamic Studies courses to gain knowledge about this religion? With us, you can learn Islam and Its complete knowledge of all aspects. eQuranekareem endorses the moral values of Islam values with the help of its online Islamic courses worldwide!

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To grow spiritually with a deeper understanding of Islam learn online with us!

Our online Islamic studies program emerges as a shining star to enhance your knowledge of Islam. We provide Islamic knowledge via online portals for children and adults to supplement all other courses.

Education in Islam is a crucial principle for Muslims to learn about our faith. We need to be aware of the fundamental teachings of Islam. This includes the Uswah-e-Hasana of our Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and Allah (SWT)’s teachings mentioned in the Quran regarding our lovely religion. We provide every essential component of the Islamic studies course in our course outline to deliver its comprehensive knowledge!

Islamic Studies Courses

Online Islamic Studies Courses

Get the benefit from our online Islamic studies course and Allah’s Glory (SWT).

Our course is exclusively designed on a comprehensive syllabus which includes;

  • Historical Background Of Islam
  • Origin Of Islamic Religion
  • Development Of Islam
  • Deliverance Of Islam By Prophets
  • Islamic Rules and Regulations
  • Islam In the Modern Age
  • Educating and Inculcating Basic Values Of Islam
  • Moral Philosophy Of Islam
  • Islamic Religion By Scholars Of Islam
  • Role Of Islam On Technology

In addition, we also focus on delivering the Quranic message concerning Islam to our students across the globe. Our online Islamic studies courses are based on easy-to-grasp learning modules.

Our Islamic Studies Course Outline

We have presented a compiled Islamic studies course outline, that contains all the mandatory components of Islam that are necessary for a beginner to learn Islam. These are mentioned below;

  • Fundamental teachings of Islam
  • Five Pillars Of Islam
  • Ethical Values Of Islam
  • Culture and Traditions Of Islam
  • Rights Of Blood Relations(mother, father, brother, sister, paternal and maternal relative) in religion Islam
  • Rights Of Minorities In Islam
  • Resolution Of Problems Faced By Women In Islam
  • Social Norms Of An Islamic Society By Islam
  • Teaching Sunnah Of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) In Islam
  • Historical Incidents Of Prophets and Their Impacts on Muslim Ummah

If you are curious to learn about this religion with all of its minor and major components, then you should pursue our course.

Islamic Studies Courses Online and It's Stages

In our Islamic studies courses online, we offer three stages of learning in which the students learn about Islam.

Beginner Stage

In this stage, Islamic studies short courses are presented for beginners. There is no boundary of age for pursuing this stage. However, the student of this stage should have some basic prior knowledge to grasp the understanding of Islam. In this, students will learn;

  1. Five Pillars of Islam
  2. Iman-e-Mufassal and Iman-e-Mujmal
  3. Short and basic supplications in Islam

This will prepare them for next-level learning.

Intermediate Stage

At this stage, students are upgraded with more learnings of Islam. Students of random ages can take part in this. At this stage, students will learn;

  1. 6 Kalimas In Islam
  2. Methods To Offer Obligatory Prayers
  3. Moral values of Islam
  4. Prophet’s Teachings about Islam

These components are helpful for the students to uplift their knowledge of Islam.

Islamic studies online course.

Advanced Stage

Students of any age can get enrolled in this stage. In an advanced stage, we present the following course components.

  1. Sharia Law
  2. Concept of Islam for Muslim societies
  3. Human Rights in Islam
  4. Marital Issues and their Solutions by Islam
  5. Quranic Study for Understanding Islam

Islamic Studies Course Features

We are presenting the following excellent features of our Islamic studies course.
Islamic studies course

Course Name:

Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies Teacher:

Our experienced and certified teachers deliver their lessons in a simple and interesting style. This method of learning Islam is beneficial for the students.

Flexible Timings:

We offer flexibility in the timings of our classes. Every student is facilitated according to his/her time requirements.

Class Types:

We are presenting classes in one-on-one lesson mode.

Weekly Lessons:

We provide five lessons per week on the usual terms but to give you an extra advantage, we also offer weekend classes.

Monthly Assessment:

To analyze and improve the learnings of students by taking revision tests at the end of each month. This analysis helps the students to correct their mistakes.

Lesson Duration:

The time of one lesson is 45-60 minutes.

Multilingual Classes:

Dealing with students worldwide, we present classes in English, Urdu, Hindi, and Arabic.

Islamic Studies Online Course Requirements

To pursue our Islamic studies online course, you will have to fulfill the following requirements;

  • Good Internet Connectivity
  • Laptop / PC / Mobile Phone or Tablet
  • Headphones (For keeping good concentration)
  • Zoom /Skype/ Google Meet / MS Teams or any portal of your choice

Our Islamic Studies Teacher

We teach this course to both children and adults. Our most experienced Islamic studies teacher will lead the course at the proper age level for you. There are the following aspects that we keep in mind while teaching children and adults;

  • Exposing the students to the historical background of Islam.
  • Teaching the basic knowledge of Imaan (to believe in Allah, His Prophet, His Books, Angles, morality, and birth after death).
  • The students learn all the topics Islam addresses for Muslims, such as history, the struggle of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) for Islam, and so on.
  • Teaching the five pillars of Islam (Qalima, Namaz, Roza, Zakat, and Hajj).
  • Basic information about how a Muslim learns daily life per Islam.
  • Learning all the worships such as Namaz/salah, Nawfil, and charity with their methods.
  • Teaching the Islamic law of inheritance, which every Muslim must know about.
  • Lastly, we teach the students about their daily concerns for life, such as how to spend their lives according to the rules of Islam.
Online islamic learning with islamic studies course

Why Choose Us For Islamic Studies Online Course?

Muslims should be familiar with our role model, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). We need to study his history to make him an example for ourselves. To draw inspiration from his life, we must be aware of it. Therefore, our course elaborates on the complete knowledge of our religion. With our course, you can find the following incentives.

  • Complete knowledge of basic beliefs and concepts of Islam
  • Enhanced education of Islamic religious principles with their implementation in routine tasks
  • Comprehensive learning of Islamic practices in daily life
  • Complete information about religious texts mentioned in the Quran by certified Islamic scholars
  • Full information about women’s rights in Islam along with minority rights
  • Important aspects of Islam and their complete knowledge about its relation with modern technology

In this regard, we have created a series of classes for children to gain this excellent Islamic knowledge online.

Don’t miss this opportunity and register with us to gain knowledge about Sharia law inheritance, an essential root for every Muslim to remember!

Online Islamic Studies Courses Significance

Our online Islamic studies courses are valuable for the following mentioned reasons;

  • Online Islamic learning is vital nowadays because children who learn about the Quran and Islam at a young age will retain this information for the rest of their lives.
  • After gaining knowledge of Islam Beliefs and practices, our students will be able to understand the religion deeply.
  • You learn the proper way to worship and honor Allah (SWT).
  • We instill love and affection for Allah and not His fear or wrath.
  • Developing patience, love, kindness, and kindness in children from infancy via Prophet Muhammad’s way of living.
  • Students apply the norms of Islam learned in Fiqh daily using logic rather than compulsion.
  • Gain mercy and glory from God.
  • After attending our teachings of Islam for youngsters, value-integrated learning will change their personalities.

Join us now for free online Islamic studies courses!

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How can I learn Islam online?

You can learn Islam online with our online courses for this, or from any certified online academy like ours.

Are there any Islamic studies courses for adults?

Yes, we are presenting our exclusive Islamic studies courses for adults.

Is learning Islam a difficult task?

As ‘’nothing in this world is impossible’’. So, learning Islam is not a difficult target to achieve.

How can I get Islamic classes online?

You can have Islamic classes online with us or any other academy of your preference. We deliver online Islamic education to our students across the globe!