Islamic Supplications

How beautiful life becomes when you start every matter with the name of Allah(SWT) and Sunnah of our Muhammad(PBUH). Therefore, we come with the online Islamic Supplications course for you so that you might learn and practice Duas in your daily life.

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We have various Verses and Duas to memorize from the Holy Quran and Hadith to be protected from adverse impacts and unseen happenings. It also covers the prayers from when one wakes up till bedtime and online Islamic education for adults and children. For instance, what to say while leaving the house and what to say when we wake up. We may adopt the daily prayer routines for ourselves and our children by learning daily supplications online. In this regard, the eQuranekareem is here to teach you Dua, for every aspect of life.

Explore the beauty of Islam by learning its supplications meaning with our online course program!

Islamic Supplications by eQuranekareem Online Quran Academy

What We Teach in Islamic Supplications?

Our teaching process is so simple and easy to understand for the learners. Well, to understand the supplications meaning, we’ll define supplication, “ it is basically the daily Duas that our Prophet(PBUH) practices to get the blessings of Allah”. In the meantime, we adopt the following ways to teach the supplications to the students;

  • The tutor teaches Dua daily to the students, termed Masnoon Duaien.
  • The tutor defines supplication to the student about what it is and its purpose in life.
  • The tutor teaches the students how to spend life following Islam and practice the daily Duas.
  •  The student learns every Dua of life and applies it daily.
  •  The tutor tries to teach the Duas in an amiable environment so that they may get bored during the class.
  •  The next day, the tutor asks the student to repeat the Dua and memorize it. 

Why Learn Islamic Supplications ?

Do you intend to impart the Duas (daily prayer) to your children? Undoubtedly, everyone aspires to live their life under Islam. As a result, by enrolling in our online courses, you’ll gain much knowledge and Duas. In the Qur’an, Allah (SWT) states [40:60]:

Your Lord then commands, “Call upon Me, and I will answer you.” Indeed, those who reject My devotion will be treated contemptuously in Hell.

Similarly, throughout the online Quran Supplication course, the children and adults know how to practice the supplicate while going to the bathroom, leaving for bed, waking up, eating, etc. Therefore, this course might be helpful for you to get closer to Allah(SWT). By practicing the daily Dua, the kids will learn that this is the path that our beloved Prophet(PBUH) follows, and they did the same. Moreover, Islam appeals to every Muslim to pay its due right. Therefore, it is compulsory for every Muslim to live their life according to the Islam.

The Islamic Supplications in Our Daily Life :

In our daily life, we acquire a lot of blessings from Allah(SWT) by leading our life according to Islam. The incentive for the daily practice of the Duas are;

  • Dua allows you to seek Allah’s kindness and mercy.
  • If you fear tragedy or make a Dua asking Allah to protect you from affliction, He might grant it. Such Duas can affect your Qadr.
  • Our daily prayers to Allah can renew our hearts in recall of our Lord and remind us that he provides all good and ill energy.
  • We can ask His pardon, accomplish an act of prayer, and enhance our faith and awareness of Allah’s might via Dua.

So, learn the Dua today with eQuranekareem online Quran Academy and get the blessings of this wonderful act of devotion!

Islamic Supplications for kids by eQuranekareem online Academy