How can I Improve my Tajweed?

How can I Improve Tajweed

Many of us grew up hearing the magnificent recital of the Quran. You believe you will never achieve the level of quality that we hear from these wonderful reciters. We always wish to have the same recitation level as the pro-Qari recite. Most often, we think, How can I improve my Tajweed? Now, you need not to worry about everything! There are various online platforms available where you can learn Tajweed. Thus, eQuranekareem is also one of them!

In addition, the Holy Quran is so important for every Muslim it must be read, transcribed, and recited accurately and correctly. It’s necessary to avoid misunderstandings or mistakes. As Allah(SWT) said in Quran;

“Certainly, We have delivered it to you as an Arabic Quran for your understanding.” [Yoosuf 12:2]

Quran Tajweed-The Guidance to Jannah  

We all follow some pattern in our lives, doing at least one thing the same daily. We should also make it a regular practice to study to recite the Quran, repeat it, understand its dialect, and gain knowledge, rather than squandering time on earthly pursuits.

This approach improves understanding and fluency, allowing you to learn the most information while also being rewarded by Allah!

“The Quran is an intercessor, something that is allowed to intercede and rightly believed in.” Whoever places it in front of him will take him to Heaven; whoever places it behind him will bring him to Hell.”


How to Improve the Tajweed?

There are some important factors that you can include while reciting the Holy Quran. There are as below; 

Hire a professional tutor: Tajweed studies are beneficial when you take lessons from a Muslim tutor. You’ll need someone to demonstrate to you the Tajweed norms, how to correctly pronounce words, identify locations of articulating letters, discern between distinct sounds, and so forth.

Similarly, we provide online Tajweed Quran classes with an expert tutor; you may rely on us and check our free class trial for your satisfaction!

1. Focus on Pronouncing the Arabic Letters.

The Qur’an contains many verses that must be read correctly and in order. To honor Allah’s (SWT) requirements, every word is spoken correctly.

You must first understand the letters, their meanings, and their articulation, which will assist you with a large amount of inaccurate recitation.

Several recordings and recitations of the Holy Quran are available to assist you in comprehending how to pronounce the terms you were wondering about. Aside from that, keep attempting to stretch your tongue appropriately.

2. Never Lose Hope

For non-Arabs, the Qur’an is your continuous and most important source of Tajweed practice. It’s where you’ll find all the terms you’re trying to memorize. And the more frequently you read the Qur’an, the more proficient you will get at expressing these words.

We offer online Tajweed courses for everyone to understand Tajweed rules so that they may teach their children to recite the Quran correctly using Tajweed!

3. Set Goal 

Learning with Tajweed for Adults begins with setting intentions. Continue by asking yourself how to learn the Tajweed. How can I improve my Tajweed? What goals may you create for yourself? Many people want to become more devoted Muslims, enhance their religion, and improve their recitation of the Quran. Therefore, setting goals is the main concern while learning the Tajweed online. 

Benefits of Learning the Tajweed 

There are a lot of incentives that you can get after opting for the online Quran Tajweed course. These are as follows; 

  • Fluency in Quran Recitation

If you want to recite the verses of the Holy Book, you must learn the Tajweed to get to know the beauty of the Quran. Moreover, Allah blesses those who read and recite the Quran daily. Likewise, you’ll become an expert in reciting the Nazra Quran after learning. 

  • Obtain the Blessings of Allah(SWT)

Every word of the Quran holds rewards for those who recite, as on reciting every word, ten deeds are added to your rewards. But to get those ten deeds, you must recite every alphabet with its correct pronunciation, and that is only possible when you follow the rules of Tajweed. Allah SWT is very generous and merciful, and reciting the Quran with Tajweed is a great way of getting His countless blessings.

By enrolling with us, you’ll learn the Quran effectively and efficiently!

  • Teach it to Others. 

As The Quran’s teaching is not only confined to you. It is the source and a bunch of rules you can teach others after learning it. Following the strategies, you may quickly improve your Quran reading abilities and knowledge. Fluency is essential since the Quran is the worldwide guidance to living a great life.

  • The Quran Protects You on the Day of Judgment.

One of the promised benefits of reading the Quran correctly is that on the Day of Hearing, the Quran would appear to intervene for those who recited and remembered it. When you recite the Quran using Tajweed, you are memorizing the Quran as it was revealed to Allah’s beloved Muhammad PBUH. 

It will be a blessing to have the Quran as a comforter on the Day of Resurrection. On the one hand, the Quran will advocate for its readers, while on the opposite end, it will testify against non-believers and the uneducated. 

  • Quran Smoothen Your Connection to Allah

It is important to recite the Quran correctly since the meaning changes when the words and letters are spoken incorrectly. Not only is the meaning altered, but it is also forbidden to recite the Quran in its proper pronunciation. The Quran is Allah’s speech and a means of communicating with the Almighty. 


Tajweed enhances the attractiveness of our recitation by appropriately implementing all rules and qualities. As the global guidance to the perfect life, the Quran must be recited and read with adequate understanding and fluency. It provides laws and directions for all aspects of life, including references to this world and the hereafter.

Furthermore, reciting and reading the Quran with Tajweed motivates us to recite the Quran with Tajweed to become closer to our Creator. So why not avail the opportunity to learn the Quran with us? eQuranekareem did our best to provide you with sublime-quality services so that you can reap the benefit at the ease of your home. 

Quran recitation doesn’t only provide happiness and relaxation, but it is also a great way of purifying the heart.

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