Importance and Benefits of 6th Kalima

Importance and Benefits of 6th kalima by eQuranekareem

Have you ever wondered about the unique words that unite Muslims worldwide? Well, one of those magical phrases is the 6th Kalima, also known as Kalima Rad-e-Kufr. It’s a short yet powerful declaration that celebrates the majesty of Allah.

Moreover, it reminds us of the greatness of Allah and recalls that we should be grateful for all the blessings He provides. Let’s dive into the beauty of these words and the significance they hold in the hearts of believers everywhere. Join us on this journey of faith and wonder to learn Islamic Supplications and the importance and benefits of 6th Kalima!

Significance of 6th Kalima

Let’s have some discrimination regarding Tawheed and Kufr. Tawheed is the truth, and it declares that Allah is the only Creator, that there is no other creator than Allah, and that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the messenger of Allah. However, Kufr is Arabic for “to hide” or “to conceal.” Hence, Kufr is someone who denies and hides the truth. Therefore, the 6th Kalima denies the Kufr and reminds believers to acknowledge and appreciate Allah’s countless blessings and favors (SWT).

Expression of Gratitude

Muslims thank and glorify Allah through the sixth Kalima. The words of the Kalima remind believers to recognize and be grateful for the innumerable benefits and favors bestowed upon them by their Creator.

Guidance against Disbelief

By teaching the concept of disbelief in Islam, the Kalima aids Muslims in understanding the boundaries of their faith. It serves as a guiding light, helping them avoid beliefs or practices that contradict the teachings of Islam.

Safe from Kufr

The Sixth Kalmia’s name is Kalima Rad-e-Kufr. It is quite advantageous to be free of Kufr. If one recites the 6th Kalima daily, he will be protected from adultery, wrongdoing, disregard, shirk, Satan, and all other exterior attacks. All sins will be pardoned by reading the 6th Kalima.

Spiritual Strength

Reciting the 6th Kalima regularly serves as a source of spiritual strength and guidance for Muslims. It deepens their connection with Allah and strengthens their faith, providing comfort and reassurance in times of difficulty or distress.

Benefits of 6th Kalima

As the 6th Kalima of the Holy verses gives the strength and power to everyone to reject wrongdoings. The reason for saying this Kalima to Rad-e-kufr is that you should never obey anyone else but the sayings of Allah(SWT). Additionally, learn more about the benefits of 6th Kalima that include;

Protection from Sins

The constant recitation of the sixth Kalima acts as a shield against sins and wrongful deeds. It reminds the believer of the importance of seeking refuge in Allah and seeking His forgiveness, encouraging them to refrain from engaging in sinful behaviors.

Strengthening Faith

By declaring the oneness of Allah and affirming belief in Islam, the recitation reinforces a Muslim’s faith and commitment to their religion. It is a powerful reminder of their devotion to Allah as the true God.

Repentance and Humility

Reciting the Kalima encourages believers to acknowledge their shortcomings and seek repentance for their actions, knowingly or unknowingly. It fosters a sense of humility and reliance on Allah’s mercy and forgiveness.

Guidance against Disbelief

The sixth Kalima teaches the concept of disbelief in Islam, reminding believers to steer clear of any beliefs or practices contradicting their faith’s core principles.

Regular recitation of the Kalima purifies the heart and mind, helping believers to distance themselves from negative traits such as backbiting, tale-telling, and indulging in bad innovations.

Emotional and Psychological Benefits

Engaging in this spiritual practice can bring the believer peace, tranquility, and contentment. It provides all the muslims to unwind their minds and strength during challenging times.

Through the repetition of the Kalima, Muslims establish a strong connection with Allah, fostering a deeper understanding of their Creator and His teachings.

Positive Influence on Behavior

The recitation of the Kalima serves as a constant reminder of one’s faith and beliefs, influencing a Muslim’s behavior and encouraging them to uphold the principles of Islam in their daily lives.

Regularly reciting the Kalima prompts believers to reflect, assess their actions, and strive for self-improvement to become better Muslims.

Source of Hope and Optimism

The Kalima instills hope and optimism in believers, reassuring them of Allah’s compassion and willingness to forgive those who sincerely seek His mercy. For Muslims, reciting the sixth Kalima has significant spiritual, emotional, and psychological benefits. It is an effective instrument for self-improvement, faith-building, and seeking Allah’s direction and safety in living a noble and moral life. Furthermore, the Kalima teaches the crucial Islamic notion of Kufr and how to refute wrongdoing and anti-Islamic actions.


Reciting the Kalima solidifies a Muslim’s identity and provides a sense of belonging to the broader Islamic community. It unites Muslims worldwide in their shared belief and submission to Allah. Thus, the sixth Kalima plays a vital role in the life of a Muslim, encompassing belief, protection, repentance, and guidance. The regular recitation of the 6th Kalima strengthens faith, purifies the soul, and reinforces the principles of Islam, fostering a profound connection between the believer and their Creator, Allah. Hence, if you are intended to glorify your soul with the divine Book and His blessings, then you may rely on eQuranekareem, an online Quran teaching academy.

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