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Do you want to lead your life in accordance with Islam and want to know more about your religion? Now, no need to take the strain at all! We are here to teach you how to spend your daily life in harmony with the Quran and Sunnah through our Islamic studies course.

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Islamic education is a crucial principle for Muslims to learn about their faith. Suppose you need to be made aware of the teachings of our Prophet (PBUH) and Allah (SWT) regarding our lovely religion. It became challenging for every Muslim to memorize and recite the Quran. Therefore, eQuranekareem emerges as a shining star to enhance your knowledge regarding Islam through an online Islamic studies course program. Furthermore, we provide Islamic knowledge online for children and adults to supplement all other courses.

To grow spiritually with a deeper understanding of Islam learn online with us!
Learn Islamic Studies course by eQuranekareem online Quran Academy

How we Teach Our Islamic Studies Courses ?

We teach “Islamic Studies” to both children and adults. Our most experienced teachers will lead the course at the proper age level for you. There are the following aspects that we keep in mind while teaching children and adults;

  • Our tutors explain Islamic history to the students so they are well aware of their religion.
  • The tutors teach the basic knowledge of Imaan (to believe in Allah, His Prophet, His Books, Angles, morality, and birth after death).
  • The tutors teach you about all the topics Islam addresses to Muslims.
  • The students learn all the topics Islam addresses for Muslims, such as history, the struggle of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) for Islam, and so on.
  • Tutor teaches the five pillars of Islam (Qalima, Namaz, Roza, Zakat, and Hajj)
  • Basic information about how a Muslim learns daily life per Islam.
  • A student learns all the worships such as Namaz/salah, Nawfil, and charity. 
  • The tutor teaches the Islamic law of inheritance, which every Muslim must know about.
  • Lastly, the tutor teaches the students about their daily concerns for life, such as how to spend their life according to the rules of Islam.

Hence, get the benefit from the online Islamic study course and Allah’s glory (SWT).

Islam Courses for the Worldwide Muslims

The Holy Quran refers to Islam as the ‘real path of life,’ or Deen al-Haq. The mere meaning of the word Deen аѕ opposed to “religion” – is an expression of warfare on secularism. Therefore, every Muslim must acquire knowledge about Islam. Likewise, many institutions teach Islamic studies courses to students, and we are also one of them to teach the students to live their lives according to the rules of Islam.

Additionally, we have various curriculums of Islam courses for youth. In such a course, all the youngsters are encouraged to attend the classes and get sufficient knowledge of Islam. Our course curriculum of Islamic studies for kids is the most suitable for adults to know the basic understanding and rules of Islam. Similarly, our tutors courteously teach them.

Hence, don’t let the opportunity and register with is to gain knowledge about Sharia law inheritance, an essential root for every Muslim to remember.

Why Students Learn Islamic Studies?

As Muslims, we should be familiar with our role model, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Without studying his history, how can we make him an example for ourselves? To draw inspiration from his life, we must be aware of it. Furthermore, we should be well aware of Islamic history. Islamic knowledge is not only confined to men, but women also have the right to live according to Islam. Therefore, our course elaborates on the Islamic rules for women.

In this regard, we have created a series of classes for children to gain this excellent Islamic knowledge online. In addition to teaching Tajweed and recitation, we will divide these classes into different grade levels for the ease of the students.

Free Islamic Courses by eQuranekareem online Quran Academy

Incentives of Learning Islamic Studies Courses

  • Online Islam courses is vital nowadays because children who learn about the Quran and Islam at a young age will retain this information for the rest of their lives.
  • After gaining knowledge and rules of Islam, our students will be able to understand the religion deeply.
  • Learn the proper way to worship and honor Allah (SWT).
  • Instill love and affection for Allah and not His fear or wrath.
  • Develop patience, love, kindness, and kindness in children from infancy via Prophet Muhammad’s way of living.
  • Apply Islamic norms learned in Fiqh daily using logic rather than compulsion.
  • Gain mercy and glory from God.
  • After attending our Islamic teachings for youngsters, value-integrated learning will change their personalities.
  • eQuranekareem online Quran Academy providing the service of Quran with Tajwid, Tafsir and other Islamic studies Courses. Contact us for free Demo classes.