Refund Policy

At eQuranekareem, our client’s expectation is our top priority, and we will try to manage all as per demand. Furthermore, we believe that it is our sublime duty to keep our customers aware of every change we apply for the fee refund or any other terms and conditions.

The procedure to refund the fee to the customer is given as follows;

  • We offer trial classes to the students. These trial lessons are free of charge. However, once the trial lessons are completed, the student will be charged monthly.
  • If you decide to continue the classes with us, you will pay the amount to our management in advance. Monthly costs are paid beforehand on the last week of each month for the next month. If the fee is not paid by the deadline, classes may be stopped (paused).
  • If there is a problem on our end that stops the classes from taking place, we will refund the fee to the student.
  • If your kid or adult attends the classes for almost 15 days and after that, you’ll claim to repay the fee, it is strictly forbidden from our side to refund the fee.
  • The choice to end or cease a class is entirely up to the student. If the student ceases their classes, the parents are committed to paying the 50% fee.
  • We have the right to cease student classes if payment exceeds seven days late. Therefore, parents are advised to consider it obligatory so that the students do not break the rhythm while learning.
  • If a student doesn’t take the classes for more than two weeks without notifying us, we have the right to discontinue the class, and no refund will be given per our refund policy.

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