Teachers Policy

If you register yourself as a tutor for the Quran classes at eQuranekareem, you have to agree with our Terms and Conditions;

  • The tutors are not allowed to ask for any personal details from the parents such as phone numbers, email addresses, or WhatsApp numbers.
  • If any tutor is directly linked with the students apart from our institute, strict action will be taken against him.
  • There, only Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha, are paid holidays that need mandatory leave. For the sake of a smoother flow of courses, we do not announce any other leaves except for any emergency case.
  • If the tutor is unable to attend the class, he/she should first inform us so that we can arrange a substitute tutor as a replacement.
  • No irrelevant discussions are allowed during the class both from the student or the tutor.
  • Our tutors teach the Quran reading and reciting without considering any Firqah or religious discrimination. As the Quran is the Holy Book of Allah(SWT) and we only convey the message of Allah and His Book to others.
  • The teaching process of our tutors is polite, courteous and teaches in a very friendly manner with no strictness.
  • The parents are committed to paying the 50% fee if their kid is not even attending the classes for at least 15 days without informing the management.
  • If parents found any issue related to any tutor, they should inform us so that we can take immediate action as soon as possible.
  • If the parents want to change the class time, they should inform us 1 week before so that the management will arrange the best possible time for you as per your choice.
  • The terms and conditions are applicable to all of the relevant persons that are linked with our institute

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