Why do we need Tafsir?

Why do we need Tafsir-by eQuranekareem

“Tafseer” or “Tafsir” comes from the Arabic word root “فَسَّرَ,” which means to comprehensively explain a text. Moreover, Tafseer Quran is an advanced field that seeks to clarify, interpret, and provide context for Quranic verses. It aims to help people understand and believe in Allah’s message.

The one who performs Tafsir is called a “Mufassir.” Their goal is to explain the Quranic revelations’ when, where, and why meanings during the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Sahabah, and those who followed them.

What is the importance of Tafseer?

When you read the Tafseer Quran, you’ll get the following benefits, and you can better understand the verses of the Quran and what Allah says in the Quran. Similarly, reading and understanding the meaning of the Quran makes Muslims more resilient and strongly believe in Islam.

Here is the importance of Quran Tafsir;

Learn the background of the Islam

When you read the tafsir, you’ll learn about the Quran’s history. In the verses of the Quran, we can take it as a lesson. There are many stories of old nations in the Quran and how they got punished when they disobeyed their prophets and Allah’s order.

An initiate to convert to Islam

When someone newly accepts Islam, then they can read the tafsir Quran. Non-Muslims will gain an accurate and thorough understanding of Islam and its beliefs through reading Quran interpretations. This advantage will encourage them to convert to Islam.

Learn to follow and implement laws.

Once you grasp Allah’s teachings to his believers, you can carry out his obligations and directives in your life. You will also learn about Islam’s five pillars.

Developing a strong relationship with Allah

When you understand the genuine meaning of the Quran’s verses, you have a deep and unending relationship with your creator because you clearly understand his words and messages.

What are the benefits of studying Tafseer?

Studying the Quran, Tafseer (also spelled “Tafsir”) refers to the scholarly interpretation and explanation of the Quran, the Holy Book of Islam. Engaging in the study of the Quran, Tafseer offers numerous spiritual and intellectual benefits. Here are some of the key advantages:

Deeper Understanding of the Quran

Tafseer helps individuals gain a more profound understanding of the Quran’s teachings, messages, and guidance. It uncovers the meanings behind the verses and provides insights into the historical, linguistic, and cultural contexts in which the Quran was revealed.

Spiritual Enrichment

Studying Tafseer can deepen your spiritual connection with the Quran and Islam. It allows you to reflect on the wisdom, ethics, and morals conveyed in the text, fostering personal growth and a stronger connection with your faith.

Tafseer provides explanations of Islamic concepts, principles, and laws mentioned in the Quran. This knowledge is essential for adherents seeking to understand and implement the teachings of Islam in their daily lives.

Cultural and Historical Insights

Tafseer often delves into the historical and cultural context in which the Quranic verses were revealed. This provides a broader perspective on the challenges and circumstances the early Muslim community faces and offers lessons relevant to contemporary issues.

Intellectual Motivation

The study of Tafseer involves critical thinking, analysis, and interpretation. It challenges your intellectual capacity as you explore complex linguistic nuances, rhetorical devices, and philosophical concepts embedded in the Quran.

Guidance for Contemporary Issues

Tafseer offers guidance for addressing modern challenges by drawing connections between Quranic teachings and contemporary issues. Scholars often derive ethical and moral principles from the Quran that can be applied to current social, economic, and ethical dilemmas.

Tafseer encourages understanding and empathy by highlighting the Quran’s emphasis on compassion, justice, and caring for others. It can inspire individuals to practice kindness and benevolence in their interactions.

Main principles of Tafseer

Main principles of Tafsir by eQuranekareem

Tafseer, the interpretation and explanation of the Quran, follows several main principles to help understand the meanings and messages of the Holy text. Here are some of the key principles of Tafseer:

Contextual Understanding

Tafseer considers the historical, cultural, and linguistic context in which the Quranic verses were revealed. This helps to understand the reasons behind the verses and the situations they address.

Understanding Language

Tafseer pays attention to the language of the Quran, including the use of metaphors, allegories, and rhetorical devices. Understanding these linguistic elements helps to grasp the intended meanings.

Consistency with the Quran

Tafseer ensures that interpretations are consistent with other verses in the Quran. No interpretation should contradict the overall message of the Quran.

Hadith and Sunnah

Tafseer often references the sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad (Hadith) and the practices of the early Muslim community (Sunnah) to understand the context and application of Quranic teachings.


Learning the Quran Tafsir is very crucial when you want to understand the Quran. Similarly, without knowing the meaning of each word and verse of the Quran, you’ll never know what the Quran is saying. When you completely understand the meaning of the Quran, you study everything in detail and with reference. You only need the passion and energy to learn the Tafseer Quran. Moreover, you may join any online Quran academy to learn the Quran online. Enrolling with eQuranekareem online Quran academy lets you learn the tafsir with our highly certified tutors. 

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