Why is Islamic Education Important


What is Islamic education? It serves as the heart of our Muslim culture and plays an important role in the progression of society. It not only encompasses the learning of Quran meaning and hadith but it also covers the subjects like science, moral values, ethics, and much more. Lack of such knowledge can give birth to weakened individuals, leading to the detriment of societies and future generations.

 There are various benefits of learning Islam with respect to science

  • Highlighting the compatibility of Islam with scientific discoveries and advancements
  • Recognizing the harmony between Islamic teachings and scientific principles
  • Encouraging critical thinking and intellectual curiosity in the pursuit of knowledge
  • Exploring scientific miracles mentioned in the Quran and Hadith
  • Promoting a balanced approach that embraces both religious teachings and scientific knowledge

Benefits of Islamic Education 

A person who understands the Quran and Hadiths in-depth can understand the impact of Islam in one’s life. 

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Quran and Hadith mentioned so many facts 1400 years ago, which were discovered recently in the scientific world. For example, many people believed that Earth was stationary until 1543 when Nicolaus Copernicus confirmed that Earth orbits around the sun. 

However, Allah was mentioned in the Quran 1400 years ago.

‘’And He is the One Who created the day and the night, the sun and the moon—each travelling in an orbit.’’


When Islam was at its peak, many scholars emerged who made discoveries that impacted the world e.g l-Khwarizmi (9th century)  is often referred to as the “Father of Algebra, Al-Jahiz wrote a book on Kitab al-Hayawan” (The Book of Animals), Al-Dinawari is Known as the “Founder of Arabic Botany.

Challenges and Opportunities

A believer doesn’t fear nor grieve. Islamic education and faith are interlinked. With strong faith, a person becomes more self-disciplined. Our religion emphasizes being patient when adversaries hit and tell us to always indulges in gratitude. Through this, a person faces every challenge with a positive attitude and always remains composed and steadfast.

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “The real patience is at the first stroke of a calamity.

[Sahih al-Bukhari 1302]

Moral and Ethical Values

Islam is the way of life and teaches us about righteous conduct. If we ever read about the history of Islamic education, we discover how justice in Islam was never compromised. Allah and His beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) emphasized making moral decisions. This prevents the exploitation of human rights.

A Religion of Perfection

Islam is the perfect religion with no mistakes. It was the first religion that gave rights to women, black people and minorities. Islam is the religion of peace and commands us to live in harmony with other people. Every human voice here is important and should be responded to. No one is superior in the eyes of Allah except for pious people.

A Simple Life

We are designed to live a simple life, not allowing the luxuries of the world to impact us. Our Messenger (pbuh) has led his life with contentment and moderation in all aspects. A person is psychologically happy if he shows gratitude to Allah. in Islam, the pursuit of wealth and materialism is not the ultimate goal, as the focus lies on spiritual growth. Materialistic happiness is temporary, while spiritual wealth endures forever.

This spirituality is gained when extravagance and greed are avoided, and a person is indulging in giving charity, zakat.

Islamic Education for Youth

Children should be given such education at a very early age. This way, we can create a generation of strong minded and self-disciplined individuals that believes in moral and ethical values. This also leads to the preservation of Islamic learning for future generations to come. Moreover, if our kids are instilled with knowledge and education concerning Islam, we can fight against Islamophobia.


Islamic learning holds great importance in our Muslim culture and society. It encompasses the learning of Quranic teachings, hadith, science subjects, moral values, and ethics. When we read more about Islam, we are motivated to look for scientific discoveries. Understanding this religion is important for personal growth and to make this world a better place. To read more about Islam and its impact on the world, visit eQuranekareem Online Quran Academy.


Can I teach my students about Islam online?

Yes, there are various renowned virtual institutes like equraekareem, where qualified teachers can teach them.

Does Islamic knowledge help in the upbringing of a child?

If parents help their kids to implement Allah’s command in their daily lives, then this can cause a positive impact on their upbringing.

Can I teach my kids about Islam from a basic level?

equranekareem offers courses that cater to all individuals with different experiences. We offer Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Levels.

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