Shahada Islam Converts Course

Are you a revert Muslim and want to learn about Islam and Quran online? You are in the right place! For all Islam Converts (New Muslims) eQuranekareem has organized an exclusive online Shahada course!

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The new Muslim course is designed for all those who convert to Islam and seek knowledge about Allah, The Quran, and Islam. 

Our course structure is well organized by certified and experienced online Islamic studies teachers. Our Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) said about such Muslims that; 

“The best among you in the days of ignorance is the best in the days after accepting Islam if they acquire true knowledge and understanding of Islam (Fiqh)”.
[Al Bukhari and Sahih Muslim]

This course will enable the new Muslim revert to reshape or modify his/her lifestyle according to the pattern of Islam.

Shahada Islam Converts Course

Learn About Shahadah Online Course

Take Shahada online course with easy learning tips, provided by our teachers. In today’s instantly growing world, digital learning has become an essential factor for seeking knowledge. 

With the help of our online course for Islam converts, you will be able to develop the social norms according to Islam. This course is specifically designed to uplift the spiritual and religious growth of new Muslim reverts

This course will also help the Reverts to build healthy social bonds with the Muslim brothers and sisters – which further help them to penetrate the Muslim community and to adopt the Islamic civilization.

Shahadah Online Course

Stages Of The Shahada Course

We categorize our online course for Revert Muslims into three stages – depending on the loop of learning about this religion.


In the beginner stage, our teachers teach the students who are converting to Islam about;

  • Five Pillars of Islam
  • Methods to perform obligatory prayers
  • Islamic beliefs( Belief in Allah, His Prophets, His Angels, The Four Islamic Books, The Final Day)
  • Daily Islamic supplications
  • Moral values in Islam


In this stage, we deliver lessons for learning about;

  • Understanding of Islamic laws
  • Islamic Fiqh and Shariah rulings
  • The Rights of minorities, women, blood relations, and, neighbors in Islam
  • Islamic culture and societal norms
  • History of Islam


The advanced stage of this course contains the learnings of;

  • Living a life according to Islam (Islamic clothes, foods, and, concept of good/bad deeds)
  • Marriage in Islam (Nikkah)
  • Halal/Haram actions in Islam
  • Concept of Major/Minor sins in Islam
  • Islamic financing and trading

After going through all these stages, a new Muslim revert will have enough information to practice Islam as a Muslim in his/her life. 

Converting To Islam Course Features

The course is designed to fulfill the needs of all those who are reverting to Muslim. The following are the course features;

Converting To Islam Course Features

Offered Course:

Shahada Islam Converts Course

Our Islamic Studies Teachers:

We offer the choice of selecting a male or a female teacher for pursuing our online course. So that, you can take the online lessons from your selected Islamic studies teacher at the coziness of your home.

Flexible Timings:

The course timings are flexible as per the needs of our students as their needs are our top priority.

Class Types:

Our teachers are providing one-on-one lessons for the course in user-friendly apps so that the students can enhance their learning.

Weekly Lessons:

We provide five Noorani Qaida lessons in a week. But not only this, we also present extra classes at weekends for much better learning.

Monthly Assessment:

Our online teachers conduct monthly tests to evaluate the learning aptitude of students. This will help the students to improve their gray areas with perfection.

Age Criteria:

Students of any age can be enrolled in our online Quran courses as we did not make limitations on age for seeking Quranic education.

Lesson Duration:

Our lesson timings for online classes are from 30-45 minutes. In exceptional cases, we also provide extra time in the delivered lessons.

Multi-Lingual Classes:

We are dealing with our students globally, so we deliver lectures in English, Hindi, Arabic, and Urdu.

Shahada Online Course Requirements

You will need to fulfill the mentioned requirements to take the online class;

  • Good Internet Connectivity
  • Laptop / PC / Mobile Phone or Tablets
  • Headphones (For keeping a good focus in class)
  • Zoom / Skype/ Google Meet / MS Teams or any portal of your choice

Islam Converts Course Outcomes

The new Muslim man and woman who convert to Islam and accept Iman get so many blessings and amazing benefits granted by Almighty Allah. He/She will get the following advantages from our course;

Spiritual Connection With Allah

All those who convert to Islam develop their connection with Allah and this brings spiritual relief to their souls. This type of spiritual connection with Allah brings a lot of blessings to their lives.

Contentment and Gratitude

Islam focuses on the value of gratitude and contentment. The converted Muslim practices this value to attain positivity and humbleness by the grant of Allah(SWT).

Performing Noble Deeds of Islam

When a non-Muslim take shahada and becomes a Muslim, then he/she practices noble actions and avoids sins to get the attention and love of Almighty Allah.

Getting Mental Peace

The individuals reverting to Muslim feel a huge difference in their mental health after accepting Islam. They get relaxed, and relief from stress, anxiety, and depression by the blessing of Allah Almighty.
Islam Converts Course Outcomes

Realizing The True Concept Of Life

Islam and Iman hold the true purpose of living a life. It explains the particular lifestyle which inculcates the concept of realization for the aim of one’s life. A true Muslim will understand that his/her life should be dedicated to Islam and that every single act must be for seeking Allah’s happiness.

Understanding and Implementing the Quran Teachings

The reverted Muslim read the Quraan as it is a perfect guidance for living an Islamic life. This enables them to understand and implement the lessons of the Quran in their daily life.

Practicing Daily Azkaar

Al Shahada brings a lot of beautiful changes in the lives of those who are reverting to Islam and practicing daily Azkaar is one of these. This practice brings Allah’s unlimited bounties in their worldly and eternal life as well.

Strengthening The Imaan By Islamic Practices

By performing the obligatory 5 prayers of Islam, Fasting, Pilgrimage(Hajj), and Alms(Zakat), the converted Muslim strengthens his/her Iman. This will also enhance the courage and motivation for performing such noble practices and make them closer to Allah Almighty.

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We are available 24/7 to assist you in resolving your queries;

What does it mean to be Muslim?

Being Muslim is a great blessing of Allah(SWT) and it has certain responsibilities also. The life of a Muslim revolves around the teachings of Islam, the Quraan, and the Sunnah. The true Muslim is obedient to Allah and performs every task to achieve Allah’s blessings and guidance.

What is a revert in Islam?

Revert definition implies that “the one who revert to Islam from any other religion is known as a Revert”.

What is a shahada in Islam?

The meaning of Shahadah in Islam is ‘An oath to accept the Oneness of Allah and Belief in His Supremacy along with the belief in His Prophets”. Taking shahadah in Islam is about accepting and practicing Islam to get Allah’s blessings.

What does the Quran teach?

Quran teaches us about Islam that it is the complete code of life and also that “Only Allah is the one who is The Controller, The Supreme, and The Majestic. There is no other power who exists in this Universe”.

How can I get a Shahada certificate online?

You can get the Shadada certificate online with the completion of “The Shahadah Online Course” through our academy.