Importance And Need Of Learning The Quran For Children

Importance And Need Of Learning The Quran by eQuranekareem online Quran Academy


Understanding and learning the Quran holds great importance in our society as Muslims. Allah and our prophet (PBUH) have emphasized a lot on understanding the meaning of the Quran. Children should be taught to learn and comprehend the Divine Book for spiritual, emotional and intellectual development. 

When parents take the initiative to expose their children to Quranic education from an early age, they lay the foundation for a strong connection with their faith. Such kids grow up to be important members of society because they use their moral compass to navigate life’s challenges. There are various benefits of learning the Quran online and today we will explore its importance and impact on children

Cons of Traditional Learning:

Traditional Quran learning is a cumbersome task. It requires parents to take time off their busy schedules and give pick-and-drop to their kids at Quran academies. Since many children go to school, so they might lose the energy to read and comprehend the Quran and are not in the best mood.  The learning experience can’t be customized and there is no flexibility. These problems have shifted the dynamics, allowing more parents to opt for online Quran studies for their children.

Online Quran classes:

In today’s digital age, online Quran academies or virtual Quran platforms have emerged, offering convenience and accessibility for children to learn the Quran. This platform is also beneficial for those Muslims who can’t take out their time to drop their kids to Quran schools or live in areas where Islamic institutes are limited.

Need for Quran Studies Online:

The covid pandemic 2019 changed the way we view the world. Now many institutes and companies are working remotely because it increases productivity, safe energy and cost. Moreover, children have learned to use mobile phones at a very young age. A captivating presentation or colourful animation attracts their attention. Quran classes for kids follow the same pattern.

Children now can go to school, do extracurricular activities and can get access to Quran education in the comfort of their homes and can choose their own time every day.

1. A Sacred Duty:

Learning the Quran is a sacred and obligatory duty for all Muslims as it nurtures faith and spiritual health. By enrolling children in online Quran classes, parents fulfil their obligation to provide Quranic education to their children as it cultivates Islamic teachings from a very early age. It also builds a strong foundation of faith that will guide them throughout their lives.

2. Preserving the Divine Message:

By teaching children the Quran online, we enable them to connect with the words of Allah, fostering a sense of love, respect, and devotion to the holy scripture. This ensures the preservation of the divine message for future generations.

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.

[Sahih al-Bukhari 5027]

3. Moral and Ethical Development:

Quran is the way of life. It is filled with moral values and ethics. Comprehending and understanding the Quran can help us take moral decisions when life gets hard. Our Holy Book tells us righteous conduct. When our children are exposed to Allah’s message, it shapes their character, gives values such as honesty, kindness, and compassion, and promotes good behaviour. 

4. Promoting Critical Thinking and Reflection:

Studying the Quran online encourages children to think critically, analyze, and reflect upon its verses. Online Quran teachers guide students in understanding the deeper meanings and messages conveyed in the Quran, fostering intellectual growth and stimulating their curiosity. This encourages kids to explore more wisdom and its relevance in their life.

5. Enhancing Linguistic Skills

The Quran is written in classical Arabic, a language that carries immense beauty and eloquence. Learning the Quran online exposes children to the Arabic language, enhancing their linguistic skills and promoting a deeper understanding of the Quranic verses. Online Quran classes offer interactive learning methods, including pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar, enabling children to develop proficiency in reading and reciting the Quran.

6. Accessible and Convenient Learning:

Virtual Quran learning for children provide accessibility and convenience as Quran can be learnt from home. With flexible schedules, interactive classes, and experienced online Quran tutors, children can benefit from personalized attention and guidance. Online learning eliminates geographical barriers, making it easier for children to connect with qualified Quran tutors from around the world.

7. Individualized Pace of Learning:

Every child has a unique learning style and pace. Learning the Quran online cater to individual needs, allowing children to learn at their own pace. Online tutors adapt their teaching methods to suit the learning abilities of each child, ensuring a comfortable and effective learning experience. This personalized approach promotes better understanding, engagement, and progress in learning the Quran.

8. Access to Qualified Quran Tutors:

Online Quran classes offer access to qualified Quran teachers from around the world, regardless of geographical limitations. This allows children to benefit from the expertise of teachers who specialize in teaching the Quran to children. 

The online platform brings together students and teachers, creating a global community of learners who can share their experiences and learn from diverse perspectives.

9. Parents Supervision:

One of the key advantages of online Quran learning for children is that it allows for parental supervision and involvement. Parents can actively participate in their child’s Quranic education by monitoring their progress, attending parent-teacher meetings, and staying updated on their child’s learning journey. This level of parental involvement ensures that children receive proper guidance, encouragement, and support throughout their Quranic studies. 

10. Cost-Effective:

Online Quran learning provides a cost-effective solution for children to receive quality Quranic education. Traditional methods of Quranic education often involve additional expenses, such as transportation costs, learning materials, and fees associated with physical institutions. On the other hand, online Quran classes eliminate the need for travel, as children can learn from the comfort of their homes.

Learn Quran from Home

Thanks to modern technology, now we can get access to the treasure of knowledge at our fingertips in the comfort of our homes.  Learning the Quran online not only equips children with religious knowledge but also nurtures their spiritual, intellectual, and moral development. It is an investment in their future, enabling them to become confident individuals grounded in faith, compassion, and righteousness. It is important to search for authentic online Quran learning institutes like equarenkareem, where you can select your favourite Quran course and Quran tutor. Moreover, the platform also provides access to 3 days of free classes.


What is the fee?

The fee charge depends on the course and Quran tutor you selected.

What courses does your virtual platform offer?

We offer various courses including, Quran translation, memorization, Ijazah, Tafseer, supplications, Qiraat, Arabic language and so much more.

Will I get any proof or testimonial of finishing the course?

If our students complete the course and pass an exam, we either send the appraisal certificate to their mailing address or email address.

Do you offer One-on-One Learning or group learning?

We offer both and their charges vary.

Can we select the gender of a teacher?

Our female Quran tutors teach girls and women, while male Quran teachers teach boys and men.

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