Importance of Jumma Mubarak

Importance of Jumma Mubarak

Written by EquranekareemJun 27, 2024
Importance of Jumma Mubarak by eQuranekareem

In our diverse world with many cultures and beliefs, there is a special day that means a lot to millions of Muslims worldwide, the blessed Friday of blessings and spiritual renewal. As the sun rises on this sacred day, it brightens not just the mosques but also the hearts of believers, bringing them together in unity and devotion. With a shared sense of purpose and faith, Jumma becomes a symbol of hope, inspiring people to seek divine guidance, forgiveness, and peace. Furthermore, Allah(SWT) has given us the sense to explore the importance of this particular day, where the spirit of community and divine mercy. Well, it includes the personal growth that comes together, making it a time of extraordinary attraction and spiritual growth.

What is the significance of Jumma Mubarak?

According to Islamic Studies or hadith, there are numerous advantages to performing Jumma Prayer. Every man must pray on Friday except for the sick, enslaved people, women, and children. There are multiple benefits to praying on Friday. People congregate in mosques on this day to offer Friday prayers. Even if a guy does not pray regularly, he never skips the Jumma Prayer.

  1. Hazrat Adam (AS) was formed on this particular day, and he was allowed to enter Jannah on Friday.
  2. Adam (AS) was sent to Earth on that particular day. He passed away on Friday.
  3. On this day, you have one hour to ask Allah for anything, and He will bless you with His blessings.
  4. When the time arrives, Friday will become the Day of Judgment.
  5. Friday is the week’s ruler.
  6. In the middle of each day, the fire of hell increases, but on Friday, it will not happen.

What to do on Jumma Mubarak?

What to do on Juma Mubarak by eQuranekareem

Jumma is a blessed day where you can do good deeds and collect mercy from Allah (SWT). In everyday life, we are always busy with daily schedules, but on Friday, as Muslims, we must follow the Sunnah and spend the whole day in the way our prophet(PBUH) spent this day. There are the following Sunnah should be followed on Friday;

Taking a bath on the Day of Jumma Mubarak

Every adult must bathe on Friday; doing Wudu (ablution) appropriately for the Friday prayer is sufficient. However, it is preferable to take a bath. Friday’s bath extracts every man’s sin from its source. Moreover, taking a bath pulls all the unclean things from the body, and suddenly, you feel relaxed after taking the bath. Therefore, the beauty of Islam made cleanliness compulsory for Muslims. Just imagine a man with dirty clothes who never takes a bath, who likes to talk and sit with him. 

Brush the teeth and cut the nails

It is the Sunnah to brush the teeth daily and cut the nails on Friday. Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) does Miswak twice daily, the first in the early morning and the second at late night during bedtime. Additionally, we all are well aware that hands are the primary source that spread germs to all parts of the body. Thus, you need to wash your hands after regular intervals and cut the nails when you think it is necessary to cut. 

Use perfume/Atar for men on Friday

For women, they don’t need to use any sort of fragrance. However, the men could use the Atar or Perfume on Friday for making the peroration for Namaz-e-Jumma. Our prophet Muhammad(PBUH) often wears white clothes to offer the Jumma Salah. 

Friday Salah

The word Al-jummah has been derived from the Al-Jam, jumma mubarak arabic means the gathering or the collection of the people. Therefore, it is named Friday, the blessed day of all the days in a week. For a Muslim, Friday would be the luckiest and the Holy day to accomplish all the matters. For a business person, he should do all the news starting on Friday. Similarly, the teachers, students, and every person should consider it a blessed day and take a new journey with this day, a sacred Friday. Last but not least,the muslims create a beautiful environment by saying jumma mubarak to each other and sending Drood-e-Pak to our Muhammad(PBUH). 

Recite Surah Al-Kaif at the Day of Jumma Mubarak

Reciting the Suah Al-kaif on the Holy day of Friday is considered as the verses of the Holy Quran that protect every Muslin from the fitnah of Dajjal. Likewise, the best time to recite the Surah Al-kaif is after the fajar, after Friday Salah, or anytime except the time of Zawal on Friday. In addition, the night of Jumma begins at sunset on Thursday and finishes at sunset on Friday. 

Recite Darood-e-Pak

On Friday, recite Durood Pak as much as possible because it is offered to the Prophet (Peace be upon him) on that day. This day allows us to cleanse ourselves of all misdeeds, and it is when Allah the All-Merciful truly accepts us.

These are only a handful of the qualities, traits, and blessings associated with the most incredible day of the week. Allah (SWT) and the Prophet (Peace be upon him) have stated that this is a historic day for humanity. As Muslims, we understand the actual meaning and significance of Friday.


As the golden rays of Jumma Mubarak brighten the world, they bring a unique feeling of togetherness among millions of Muslims. With its blessings and spiritual renewal, this cherished Friday fills hearts with hope and inspires people to seek guidance and forgiveness. It’s a day that draws us closer and reminds us of the importance of unity and faith within our community. Similarly, you can visit eQuranekareem to learn about Islam and the Quran.

As we journey through the significance of reading and reciting the Quran, let’s hold the beauty of unity and the power of collective devotion. May this step of learning the Quran continue to attract us with spiritual enrichment, spreading love, compassion, and understanding in the world.

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