Why Do People Say Mashallah When They See One Another

Why Do People Say Mashallah When They See One Another?

Written by EquranekareemJun 27, 2024
why do people say mashallah when they see one another by eQuranekareem

Have you heard Muslims saying “Mashallah” when they see others? Wondering what it means? Mashallah is an Arabic language phrase Muslims use to recognize God’s blessings on others. Mashallah means “God has willed it”. Similarly, when we see someone and say Mashallah, we thank God for the good things He gave them.

Likewise, it shows we appreciate how God made that person look or what talents He gave them. Additionally, saying Mashallah also protects against the evil eye. Some believe envy from others can hurt people when they are praised too much. Mashallah wards off any bad feelings. It also reminds us that only God controls what happens. 

What is the Power of Saying Mashallah?

Has someone ever said “Mashallah” when they saw you? Wondering what this simple Arabic word means? “Mashallah” is more powerful than you think. When Muslims say Mashallah, they acknowledge that all good things come from Allah (God). We thank Him for blessings like beauty, talents, or achievements.

Protect Us From the Evil Eye:

In many cultures, “Mashallah” is believed to protect from the envy or jealousy of others. Moreover, by saying “Mashallah,” people seek to safeguard the admired person or thing from any harm that negative energy might bring.

Expressing Humility:

Expressing “Mashallah” also reflects humility. Instead of boasting about personal achievements or qualities, this phrase redirects the attention back to the divine source of those attributes. Thus, mashallah is a compliment that you can use to praise someone.

Confessing God’s Blessings:

Saying “Mashallah” serves as a reminder that all positive attributes and achievements come from God. It acknowledges that any beauty, success, or talent is a gift from a higher power. Hence, the word shows that God has created everything with perfection.

Is mashallah a Compliment?

When Muslims say “Mashallah” upon seeing something unique or impressive about a person, it can sometimes sound like a compliment. At the same time, using Mashallah towards friends and family expresses care, approval, and affection from a spiritual perspective. It builds bonds by acknowledging shared gratitude toward Allah.

Therefore, it may sound like praise, but the deeper meaning of Mashallah makes it more powerful than just a compliment. For Muslims, it is a powerful expression of gratitude, humility, protection, and affection rooted in faith. Imagine someone sharing their accomplishments, and instead of saying, “That’s amazing,” you say, “Mashallah.”

Consequently, it’s a way of showing respect and humility, acknowledging that their success is a gift from a higher source.

Importance of Mashallah

Importance of Mashallah by eQuranekareem Online Quran Academy

Ever heard of a word that’s like a gentle touch of magic? That’s “Mashallah” for you! It’s more than just a bunch of letters. In addition, it’s like a secret code that holds lots of love and goodness. Let’s get the benefits by saying  “Mashallah” that is a beautiful word and how it makes life feel even more special.

Keeping Good Things Safe:

Think of “Mashallah” as a superhero shield. When you say it, you’re saying, “Hey, you’re amazing, and I’m protecting your awesomeness!”. Furthermore, it’s like putting a bubble of affection and positivity around the things or people you care about.

Being Humble and Happy:

Now, just imagine a beautiful picture when your friend says, “Wow, that’s great!” but when they add “Mashallah,”. They also say, “You’re perfect, and I’m happy for you!”. It’s a way of being proud while remembering that good things come from a special place.

Cheering for Success:

Your cousin gets a gold star in school, or your friend scores a goal in soccer? Say “Mashallah” to give them a high-five and share the joy!

Meanwhile, it is the praise of your friend for success and best wishes to achieve more success in life. “Mashallah” is like saying, “Good luck, and may it turn out awesome”.

Love for Family:

Grandma’s cookies taste like a hug from the heart? “Mashallah,” tells her to think they’re delicious and made with lots of love. “Mashallah” might sound like a simple word, but it’s like a warm hug from your heart. It’s about keeping good things safe, being happy for others, and remembering that everything in life comes from a special place.

Accordingly, the next time you want to show someone you care, just sprinkle a little “Mashallah” magic. It’s like saying, “You’re awesome, and I’m sending good vibes your way”.


“Mashallah” isn’t just a regular word and  it’s like a tiny bag of good vibes and protection from every evil eye. It’s like a secret code that says, “You’re cool, and I’m sending some extra happy thoughts your way!”. So, next time you say “Mashallah” when you see someone, remember you’re not just talking, you’re making a little moment of friendliness.

 It’s a lovely reminder that in this fast world, a simple word can mean a lot and make each day a bit happier. When you join eQuranekareem online Quran academy, you’ll get more beneficial supplication and opportunity to learn Quran. You just have to enroll with us to check our free class trials and acquire the blessings of Allah(SWT). 

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