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To get the blessings of Allah(SWT) and explore the beauty of the Quran, it is essential for every Muslim to read in Arabic and recite Quran. Therefore, the eQuranekareen is the best platform where you can learn Arabic Reading with our expert tutors.

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Get ready to be delighted as we bring you to the amazing world of Arabic reading. The gateway to a world of wonder, discovery, and profound discoveries. Moreover, it is a dimension filled with wonder, exploration, and profound insights. Furthermore, you’ll experience a unique journey where words hold the key to unraveling great stories, inspiring your imagination, and connecting you to a rich culture steeped in tradition. Therefore, eQuranekareem offers a course on Reading Arabic for Muslims and non-Arabs.

Let’s reveal the incredible rewards that await you to begin a thrilling adventure of research and enlightenment!
Online Arabic Reading course by eQuranekareem online Quran Academy

Learn Arabic Reading Online With Us:

As a Muslim, do you not find yourself obliged in learning to read in Arabic? A Book(the Quran) that has been bestowed upon us. Certainly, everyone wants to learn Arabic so that he can read and speak it fluently. There are the following incentives that you can get by reading Arabic; 

  • Reading exposes students to various grammatical structures, sentence patterns, and contextual use. It permits them to build a firm foundation in the language.
  • It enables students to perceive language intricacies, comprehend societal traditions, and build international understanding.
  • It improves memory retention and general intellectual abilities, helping students academically and professionally.
  • Reading exposes students to various literary styles, allowing them to create a distinct voice and successfully convey their views.

What We Teach in Arabic Reading ?

  • The tutor teaches the two main terminologies to the students, Saraf( صرف ) and Al-Noh(النحو)
  • In saraf, the tutor teaches to learn Arabic alphabet and pronounce letters via hearing and writing, including reading words and phrases, singular, plural, gender discrimination, hazir(حاضر), and Ghaib(غيب).  
  • In Al-Noh(النحو), the tutors teach the Arabic language through four fundamental skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Additionally, for the beginner in  learning to read Arabic is the primary application of Zabar, Zer, and Pesh. 
  • The tutor asks students for the Arabic reading practice daily so that they might be experts in reading the Arabic. 
  • The main and the utmost focus before starting to teach Arabic language is the Arabic vocabulary. 
  • The tutor gives a lesson on Arabic words to read and pronounce accurately. 
  • The Tutors get instructions on how to apply the rules of grammar. Furthermore, a free reading lesson will benefit from learning to read Arabic by helping him improve his Arabic Reading skills. 

Why Learn to Read in Arabic?

Our qualified Arabic tutors will teach you the foundations of Arabic reading. Similarly, the teacher teaches you every letter, their pronunciations, Maharaj, and extras such as ‘zero “kasrah, ” Zabar, ” or “Fatha,” to help you recite and read in Arabic.

Regarding reading the Quran, Allah and His Messenger (SAW) have promised abundant blessings in this world and the next. The one who is having difficulty reading is granted a lot more. According to the Prophet (SAW): 

“Anyone who reads a passage from the Qur’an will be rewarded with a good need, and a good deed is rewarded ten-fold.” [Sahih Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

The tutors will deliver Arabic Phonetics instruction throughout every class of the reading Arabic course. It enhances your pronunciation and prepares you for the next phase of Arabic study. In Addition, the tasks and tests will help you further solidify your understanding of the subject.

Online Arabic Reading Course by eQuranekareem online Quran Academy

Our Tutors for the Arabic Reading:

While learning to read in Arabic, our tutor teaches you how to read words, short sentences, and hefty sentences. Our Arabic tutors will assist you in becoming acquainted with all of the fundamentals, revising your concepts, revisiting any incorrect concepts you may have picked up elsewhere, and then correcting them.Similarly, the student is given the Arabic alphabet pronunciation chart for daily practice.  

Well, we will make every effort to ensure that you reach the optimal level of Arabic reading. We will ensure that you grasp all areas of Arabic Recitation through worksheets, in-depth talks, and frequent assessments and quizzes. 

Therefore, enroll with us for the “Reading Arabic” course and read Arabic like a native!