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‘’Translation unfolds the miraculous meanings of the Quran’’ You must understand the Quran with translation of Quran if you recite it but are not aware of its understanding. Learn the Quran Translation with us as we are offering easy Quran translation in our course.

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 ‘’Quran, the sacred book of Islam’’ More than billions of Muslims worldwide honor the Quran. Its verses are regarded as the exact words of Allah (God) as they were communicated to Muhammad (PBUH). It is necessary for all of us to learn the Quran word by word. The Quran was initially written in Arabic and had a lot of hidden messages for Muslims. To experience the best Quran translation like never before, eQuranekareem takes you on a remarkable exploration of the complete meanings of Quran Moreover, its profound messages and timeless teachings have been translated into numerous languages. Thus, you’ll conveniently learn the Quran translation word by word in numerous languages with us.
Quran translation course

Quran Translation Classes Online

Explore the beauty and wisdom through the light of Quran translation by enrolling with us! It is more important for everyone to read the Quran with a basic understanding. Our tutors translate each Ayah of the Quran in our online course. Well, after reciting each Quranic verse with the translation, you’ll get to know what exactly the Quranic Surahs from the Holy Book say.  Correspondingly, you also have the opportunity to learn the Quran to get easy access to the Quran. Thus, you can learn Quran translation classes online with our expert tutors. You’ll be able to observe and relate life to the Quran if you understand Al Quran Al Karim word by word translation. Therefore, you need not worry about searching for a specific teacher of translation. We are here to teach you Quran Kareem in a comprehensive way. Likewise, you’ll learn the Qur’an with us at the ease of your comfort.

Quran Reading Online With Translation - Stages

Beginner Stage:

Students aged 10-15 years are enrolled in this stage. They learn the Quranic verses in the section of this course ‘’Quran word translation.’’

Intermediate Stage:

Students with high learning potential and caliber are admitted to this stage. There is no age limit. Eligibility to take this stage is the successful completion of the beginner stage for this course. Students learn the Qurani ayat with translation and also the translation of Qurani surahs.

Advanced Stage:

This is the third level of translation course. All those, who were excellent in the first two stages can take enrollment. Age is not specific for this stage. Students, at this stage, got a complete understanding of the Quran after reading each Quran surah with its translation.
Quran Translation Classes Online

Quran Recitation With Translation - Features

We are presenting our online Quran course for students across the globe. Its features are;

Course Name:

Quran Translation

Quran translation and transliteration Tutors:

Giving an opportunity to select a male or female tutor from our online Quran academy who teaches them an easy translation of Quran for their quick learning.

Flexible Timings:

Keeping priority to your requirements – we are offering the flexibility of time in our classes.

Class Types:

Presenting one-on-one lesson mode of classes.

Weekly Lessons:

Providing 5-five lessons a week. To give you more benefits, we also deliver weekend classes.

Monthly Evaluation:

We designed monthly assessments for the students to enhance their learning.

Lesson Duration:

The timings for one lesson are 30-60 minutes

Multi-Lingual Classes:

Offering our courses across the globe – in English, Urdu, Hindi, and Arabic.
Quran Translation course features

Quran Translation Course - Requirements

You will need the following tools to learn Quran translation.

  • Good Internet Connectivity
  • Laptop / PC / Mobile Phone or Tablets
  • Headphones (For keeping good concentration)
  • Zoom /Skype/ Google Meet / MS Teams or any portal of your choice

Quran Translation and Transliteration What You Learn After This?

Get easy, smooth, and understandable teaching process with us!

Along with the translation of Quran,  our  Quran tutors also focus on engaging the students in Quran transliteration online classes through innovative ways of teaching to develop their interest in seeking knowledge. They help the students understand the Quran in different languages by its grammar and pronunciation rules. In addition, to facilitate you more – our teachers also provide;

  • Quran verses in Arabic with English translation
  • Quran verses in English and Arabic
  • Quran Urdu Tarjuma
  • Quran transliteration word by word
  • Quran with Hindi translation and Tafseer

Therefore, save time searching for costly services as we provide you with the same on a pocket-friendly budget. You can get Quran transliteration book in our online classes for translation. Consequently, you can rely on us if you want to learn easy translation of Quran.

Teaching Translation - By Our Passionate Teachers

This includes the following steps;

  • Word-to-word translation (لفظ بہ لفظ ترجمہ)
    The tutor teaches the learner the meaning of each letter and word. Similarly, the tutors explain the word’s meaning in Urdu and English. Furthermore,  Quran translation word by word  in English, Urdu, or any other language is termed Lafzi translation. 
  • Sentence translation( بامحاورہ ترجمہ)
    The tutor translates each Quranic Ayat into Urdu and English. Similarly, the tutor conveys the meaning of the sentence of Quranic verses with Urdu translation. We are here to teach you the best translation of the Holy Quran to get the blessing of Allah(SWT).

Hence, we also facilitate our students by providing Holy Quran with translation download option, so they can learn it in their free time also.

Quran translation course outcomes

Translation Of Quran - Why Choose Us?

There are the following reasons to opt for our course that includes;
  • We provide the importance of Quranic translation and the challenges of adequately conveying its essence in many languages.
  • We offer Quran translation and transliteration approaches, highlighting their effects on interpreting the meaning of the Quran correctly. While teaching, our tutors are translating the Quran into numerous languages.
  • We have designed the syllabus with best Quran translation book, explaining translation difficulties in depth, including how to express the different meanings of Arabic terms and then you can have beneficial learning.
We discuss the importance of consulting tafsir alongside translations to understand the Quran’s teachings better. This will lead you to have the clear Quran message in your mind.

Quran word to word Translation - Significance

‘’The translation of the Quran opens doors to Devine’s knowledge’’

Following are the factors that enhance the importance of this course.

  • Allows people of different languages and backgrounds to explore the teachings of Quran.
  • Despite the challenges, translators strive to capture the eloquence of the Quran, conveying its beauty and wisdom across cultures and generations by providing a translation of Quran word to word.
  • Individuals can join us on a transformative journey of self-discovery, enlightenment, and spiritual growth by engaging with Quranic translation and accompanying Tafsir.

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How long is the Quran?

There are a total of 6346 (including Bismillahs)  verses of the Quran in Arabic text.

How many pages is the Quran in English?

The latest English version of the clear Quran has 116 pages. But this number varies from 100-580 pages sometimes.

What language is the Quran written in?

The Quran is written in the Arabic language by Almighty Allah.

How to read Quran?

There are some rules to read the Quran word to word;

  • Go for Wudu before holding and reading the Quran
  • Sit in an appropriate way
  • Keep the Holy Book in front of you in a little elevated position
  • Carry the Quran right-handedly and also read it by pointing right hand fingers on the verses of Quran 
  • Take a start with Istiaazah and Bismillah
  • Perform recitation in a slow or medium speed
  • Keep in mind the recitation rules
  • Sit in the quiet place and do not talk while reading the Quran