Importance of Muharram 9th and 10th

Written by EquranekareemJun 27, 2024
Importance of Muharram 9th and 10th

When it comes to talking about the Muharram holds a lot of sacrifices and Islamic events, such as the death of Imam Hassan(RA) and Hussain(RA). Islam has the great importance of Muharram 9th and 10th due to its history and tradition. Furthermore, these days allow Muslims to reflect on the values of justice, sacrifice, and devotion to Allah.

Meanwhile, the events associated with these days serve as a reminder of the resilience required to uphold truth and resist oppression. By commemorating these days with fasting, prayers, and acts of charity, Muslims rekindle their faith and strengthen their connection with their Creator.

Fasting on the Day of Ashura

Fasting on the Day of Ashura provides spiritual restoration and helps you to clear your slate of whatever little sins you may have collected in the previous year. If you are devoted to your fast and confess on the day of Ashura, Allah (SWT), in all his Supreme Glory, will cleanse you of any little sins. According to the Prophet (SAW);

"I hope that by fasting on the day of Ashura, Allah will accept it as compensation for (the sins committed in) the year prior." (Muslim).

Importance of Muharram 9th and 10th

It should be noted, however, that while fasting on this day helps pay for your sins from the previous year, it won't make up for willfully abandoning your fasts throughout Ramadan, failing to attend your daily prayers, or engaging in significant transgressions.

Muharram, the Sacred Month of the Lunar Calendar

This Muharram, don't pass up this beautiful chance for redemption; begin your fast with reverence and recollection. You may be confident that Allah (SWT), in all of His kindness, would forgive your misdeeds and provide you with a clean slate for the upcoming year.

In addition to fasting during Muharram, you can remember Imam Hussain's (RA) acts as he stood up against oppression by constructing a well in the name of the Prophet (SAW), Fatimah (RA), Ali (RA), Imam Hasan (RA), or Imam Hussain (RA).

Ibn Abbas (RA) remarked:

"I never saw Allah's Messenger (saw) so eager to fast every day and give it precedence over any other than this day, Ashura, and this month, Ramadan" (Bukhari).

Events Occur in the Month of Muharram

Muharram is very much important due to a lot of events that occur in this sacred month. Therefore, every Muslim needs to respect this month and acquire more and more blessings from Allah(SWT). Furthermore, if you want to learn the Tajweed Quran, you may rely on any online Quran academy. 

The Musa(AS) Split the Sea

Moses and his followers attempted to flee from Pharaoh and his army before coming across the river's water. Moses broke the water wide with his rod so that his people may travel securely when Pharoah drew near. After everyone had crossed, Firaon was caught in the sea's closing waves, which drowned him.

Muhammad Nuh Saves Himself from Allah's Anger

As directed by the Almighty, the Prophet Noah constructed an ark to protect himself and his people from the approaching deluge. Anyone who entered the ark would be rescued, but anyone who remained behind would perish in the water. One of each species of animal and all of Noah's serious believers of monotheism boarded the ark, but others, including his son, chose to stay behind and perished in the flood. According to Tafsir ibn Kathir, the ark ultimately docked on the tenth of Muharram.

Martyrdom of Imam Hussain(RA)

The most significant event associated with Ashura is the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (RA), the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), in the Battle of Karbala in 680 CE. He, along with his family and companions, faced injustice and tyranny at the hands of the Umayyad caliphate.

Despite overwhelming odds, Imam Hussain (RA) refused to pledge allegiance to an unjust ruler, choosing principles and justice over submission. His sacrifice inspires Muslims, emphasizing the importance of standing up against oppression and upholding truth and justice.

Importance of Muharram in Islam

The month of Muharram has gained a lot of importance because many happenings and events occur in this sacred month. Additionally, our divine duty is to spend this month reading the Quran. If you read the Quran with Tajweed, the best additional factor is to add blessings of Allah.

It is the Sacred Month

Muharram is among the four sacred months in Islam, along with Rajab, Dhul-Qa'dah, and Dhul-Hijjah. Warfare and hostilities are discouraged during these months, and peaceful activities and devotion are emphasized. Muslims are encouraged to worship, increase their remembrance of Allah, and seek His forgiveness and blessings.

The Holy Prophet(PBUH) Fasting at 9 and 10 Muharram

The Holy Prophet(PBUH) often prefers to fast on the 9 and 10 of Muharram. Furthermore, the 10th day of Muharram, known as the Day of Ashura, is one of the most significant days in Islamic history. This day holds multiple historical and religious commemorations, making it a time of reflection and spiritual significance for Muslims.

The Best Fast after Ramadan is the 9th and 10th Muharram

Fasting in Muharram is considered the best act after Ramadan. Moreover, Muharram is considered one of the sacred months in Islam, during which warfare and conflicts are prohibited. It is a time of reflection, fasting, and increased devotion for Muslims. The name "Muharram" itself means "forbidden," indicating the respect and sanctity accorded to this month.

Make Charity on That Day.

During Muharram, Muslims are encouraged to engage in acts of charity and good deeds, displaying compassion and generosity towards others. These acts hold special merit during this sacred month.


Muslims mainly celebrate Muharram and the day of Ashura due to the transpired Prophetic events. The majority of Muslims will fast on Ashura. Shia Muslims, on the flip, spend the full month of Muharram mourning the death of Imam Hussain (as). Likewise, to learn more about the importance of Islamic events, you may choose eQuranekareem. However, there is no dispute about the solemnity of the month, and all Muslims should devote time to boosting their good actions and beginning the new year on the right foot.

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