Meaning of Surah Nas: Benefit of reciting Surah An-Nas

Benefit of reciting Surah An-Nas-eQuranekareem

Life can be tough, and we often surround ourselves with negative energies and fears. Now, you need not to fret at all! As Surah Nas is here to shield us from harm’s way and cleanse our souls from worries and anxieties. It’s like a mystical fortress that guards us against evil and connects us with the love and guidance of the Almighty.

Therefore, buckle up and get ready to start a journey that will uplift your spirits, strengthen your faith, and shower you with countless blessings. Let’s explore the profound benefits of reciting surah An-Nas and witness the magic it brings to our lives!

If you’ve ever felt the need for protection, peace, and healing, this beautiful Surah is the key to unlocking those blessings.

Concept of Surah An-Nas

As a human, you are always threatened by both external and internal forces. The major source of danger addressed in this Surah is Satan’s temptation. Allah’s names are Al-Muhaymin and Al-Aziz. He is the one in charge of everything that occurs to you. In addition, nobody and nothing can operate in the absence of His will and command. This Surah instructs us to remember this at all times so that we can obey the Quran when it states;

“And let the believers put their faith in Allah” (9: 51).

How Many Pages are in the Quran?

The Quran, Islam’s sacred book, When you read the Quran, then you will have to known that it is thought to represent Allah’s word as delivered to the Prophet Muhammad for 23 years. The Holy Book is divided into 114 Surahs, or parts, and has roughly 6,236 verses. Furthermore, while the precise number of pages in the Quran varies based on elements such as font dimensions and formatting, there are numerous methods for estimating the total number of pages in the Quran. These methods are;

  • A normal Quran measures approximately 17 by 24 cm and has 604 pages. Yet, the size of the Quran can vary based on the publisher, font dimension, and page quality.
  • The Quran is split into 30 juz, each containing numerous suras. Subsequently, the total number of pages in the Quran may be estimated based on the total quantity of pages within every juz.
  • Another method for estimating the number of pages in the Quran is to count the length of verses in each sura and multiply by the number of pages.
  • The size of the Quran varies according to the language in which it is published. The Arabic translation of the Quran was originally used in Islamic nations and is often smaller than other versions.

The Best Wazifa to Protect us

Surah An-Nas shields us from the evil that resides in all things created. We feel evil when we get in touch with or share anything produced. Moreover, it might include adverse effects, negative persons, and potentially dangerous or destructive events. Surah An-Naas is there to assist us in avoiding such things. Likewise, it is considered the best Wazifa to protect us from anything happening. Thus, surah Nas meaning is to protect our lives from the bad happening while reading and reciting it. 

There are just a few methods for evil to express itself:

  • Humans generally regard the following items to be threatening to their lives and existence;
  •  Many things in our world might be harmful to us. Snakes, scorpions, and dogs are just some creatures that may injure us.
  •  Natural disasters such as earthquakes, droughts, and storms are also common. you may recall and remember the bugs that destroy all the crops.
  •   Mosquitoes may spread various illnesses, including dengue, yellow fever, and malaria.
  •  There are other dangerous insects, such as tapeworms. Then there’s Satan and his offspring. These are just a few of the things that may go wrong.

Hence, Surah Nas is considered the best Surah to protect us from the evil eye.

Benefits of Reciting Surah Nas

The Quran, the holy book of Islam, is a treasure trove of wisdom and guidance for millions of believers worldwide. We shall delve into the profound benefits of reciting Surah tul Nas and explore the blessings it brings to the lives of those who recite it regularly.

Benefit of reciting Surah An-Nas


  1. Cure severe illnesses

If someone is in a critical condition, reading this Surah by the person’s side can heal the ailment because it is proven through hadith that this Surah heals disease.

  1. Spiritual and physical healing

Reciting Surah Nas would not only treat your physical sickness but also puts your mind at ease. Therefore, when you recite this Surah, Allah will assume responsibility for your security.

  1. Protect from evil thoughts.

The major goal of shaitan is to implant bad notions into the minds of humans. Consequently, this Surah is Allah’s gift for us to remove shaitan from our brains. You will not perform any wicked conduct if you recite this Surah.

  1. All-night security

Surah Nass has several advantages. The fundamental advantage of this Surah is that the reciter will be protected from all harm for a whole night. So it is stated that while retiring to bed, recite this Surah. It will also keep you safe from sorrows and worries.


Incorporating Surah Al-Nas into daily recitations can be transformative, bringing profound positive changes to one’s inner self and outer circumstances. Let us strive to embrace the wisdom of the Quran and experience the numerous blessings it offers, beginning with the beautiful and powerful Surah Al-Nas. In the meantime, you can enrich your soul with the divine Book of Allah by taking a free class trial with eQuranekareem. Additionally, our tutors explore the benefit of reading and reciting the Quran.

Its verses offer protection from evil and emotional healing and serve as a means to strengthen faith. Consequently, reciting this chapter brings blessings and tranquility into one’s life, fostering a deeper connection with Allah.

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