Noorani Qaida Course

Are you seeking to learn the Arabic language for reading the Holy Quran? Our Noorani Qaida course is designed to meet the essential steps that develop reading skills for Arabic.

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The Noorani Qaida is a base for all beginners who want to read and understand the Quraan. With the staff of professional online Quran teachers, we deliver online Quran classes seamlessly. In this fast-paced growing world, eQuranekareem is presenting an exclusive and easy-to-understand online Qaida in Arabic course. Grab the opportunity and register for our online Qurani Qaida courses.
Noorani Qaida Course

Learn Noorani Qaida Online

Make a wise decision to enroll in our course to learn Noorani Qaida online!
We bring Noorani Qaida online course with quick learning techniques. Our online portals are user-friendly and help students in reading this “Qaida for beginners”.

The learnings for Noorani Qaida online are important for the students who pursue Quran or Arabic online courses. Without having a better understanding or implementation skills of this Quranic qaida, students are unable to read and understand the Holy Quran.

Tajweed Qaida for beginners

Stages Of Our Norani Qaida Course

Depending upon the capabilities and learning aptitude of students, we classified the three stages of the Noorani Qayeda course.


Noorani Qaida is taught to beginners who are blank and do not have the know-how to read the Noble Quran. The students at this stage will learn the basics of Arabic grammar enabling the students to improve their reading skills.


Students at this level will have enough knowledge to pursue the Madani Qaida. This Qaida is a bit challenging and is referred to those students who have a good grip on Norani Quida.


Tajweed Qaida is for all those students who have successfully passed the first two stages of learning the Quranic Arabic online. After learning this Qaidah, the students are prepared to pursue the online Arabic and Quran courses.

Qaida Noorania Course Features

We value the priorities and satisfaction of our students. The main reason for the parents and students to trust us is that we provide quality education while meeting the deadlines for the best Quran reciter course. The salient features of our course are;
Qaida noorania course faetures

Offered Course:

Noorani Qaida course

Our Quranic Qaida Teachers:

Our academy offers both male and female online Quranic qaida teachers for our students – keeping their choices and comfort in our vision.

Flexible Timings:

Our students can take our Noorani Qaida lessons at their choice of time. Our online Quran classes are flexible and have no specific limitation of time.

Class Type:

Delivering one-on-one online classes to our students worldwide for their deep learning and understanding of online Quran recitation.

Weekly Lessons:

We provide five Noorani Qaida lessons in a week. But not only this, we also present extra classes at weekends for much better learning.

Monthly Assessment:

Our online teachers conduct monthly tests to evaluate the learning aptitude of students. This will help the students to improve their grey areas with perfection.

Age Criteria:

Students of any age can be enrolled in our online Quran courses as we did not make limitations on age for seeking Quranic education.

Lesson Duration:

Our lesson timings for online classes are from 30-45 minutes. In exceptional cases, we also provide extra time in the delivered lessons.

Multi-Lingual Classes:

We are dealing with our students globally, so we deliver lectures in English, Hindi, Arabic, and Urdu.

Requirements For The Arabic Noorani Qaida Course

You will need to fulfill the mentioned requirements to take the online class;

  • Good Internet Connectivity
  • Laptop / PC / Mobile Phone or Tablets
  • Headphones (For keeping a good focus in class)
  • Zoom / Skype/ Google Meet / MS Teams or any portal of your choice

Our Quranic Qaida Tutors

eQuranekareem is the perfect choice for learning Norani Qaidah online!

At our online Quran academy, we have Quranic Qaidah teachers who teach students with their expertise to learn Noorani Qaidah online. with an interesting and innovative aptitude. They are focused, professional, experienced, and certified and deliver their lessons innovatively with interesting activities in the class.

Noorani qaida book
Moreover, the teachers also designed exclusive;

Noorani Qaida Book

In this book, students will learn about;

  • The pronunciation of Arabic letters i-e- “Makharij”
  • The Arabic alphabets with color coded letters and shapes
  • The understanding of “Ahruf-e-Murakkabat”
  • The learnings of “Harakat”
  • The different types of Arabic letters like, “Maddah, Sakoon, Leen, Jazam, Tashdeed”

The basic Islamic supplications and moral values of Islam

Madani Qaida Book

Madani Qaida Book

In Madani Qaidah, the teacher teaches the students about;

  • The Huroof-e-Mufrida’at (The singular Arabic letters)
  • The Huroof-e-Musta’liyah (The letters that are pronounced specifically)
  • The difference between Huroof-e-Mufrida’at and Huroof-e-Murakkabat with their implementation

The memorization of Six Qalimas, Iman-e-Mufassil, Iman-e-Majammil, Salah prayer and, 20 short surahs of Quran

Tajweed Qaida Book

Tajweedi Qaida Book

In Tajweed Qaidah, students learn about;

  • The nunnation i-e- Tanween
  • Tajweed rulings while recitation the Qaidah i-e- “Noon Sakin, Meem Sakin and, Waqaf(stop). 
  • The basic Tajweed rules for reciting the Quran
  • Practice exercises of Norani Qayeda according to Tajweed rules

Our team has penned down all the beneficial and essential elements that are necessary for building and uplifting the fluency skills of students – so they will be able to read Alquran beautifully. 

You can get the Noorani and Madani Qaida pdf free download here!

Noorani Qaidah Course Outcomes

Are you looking for a Quran academy to build a strong base for your kid to read the Quran?

Your search ends here! Every Muslim parent wants their kids to recite the Quran beautifully. To recite and understand the Quran is also a noble deed in Islam. 

To benefit you in every aspect, we are presenting an online Noorani Qaidah course for our students worldwide to learn the basics  – which are necessary to read the Quran. 

Our course outcomes are given below.

  • This Noorani Quaida course simplifies the Arabic grammar challenges that students face.  The Arabic nouns, pronouns, verbs, tenses, adjectives, participles, and comprehensions develop the minds of the students to excel further in grasping this knowledge.
  • Students learn the “Tajweed rules for recitation” with the help of Qaida Noorania pdf.
  • The students become fluent in Arabic pronunciations while reading Arabic letters of the Quran in the interactive lessons of this Qurani Qaida.
  • This Quranic Qaida is available in the form of PDFs, which helps the students to revise and implement their learnings in recitation.
  • The Madani Qaida pdf enables the students to write and read the sentences in Arabic. This upgrades the levels of students from reading letters to Arabic sentences with the help of a few Qurani Qaidah lessons.

The highly talented and experienced teachers provide effective learning through their video and audio lessons of Arabic Qaida which promotes fast learning of students.

Noorani Qaida Course outcomes

Recommended Course


How can I learn Noorani Qayeda online?

With our online Noorani Qaida Arabic, you will learn the “basics of grammar, tajweed rules for recitation, and fluency in sentence delivery”. Our online Quran learning classes are highly interactive and our online Arabic tutors are delivering activity-based lessons which enhances quick learning.

How long will it take to read Noorani Qaida in English?

The period of learning this Qurani Qaida depends on the student’s capabilities. However, you can learn it comparatively faster than the usual average pace with our English Noorani Qaida pdf.

What are the types of nooraini qaida?

We are offering three types;

  • Nooraini Qaida
  • Madni Qaida
  • Tajweedi Qaidah

What age is preferred for starting Qaida Noorani for kids?

The appropriate age for pursuing Norani Quida is 3-7 years for kids. But, for beginners who are above this age limit – there are no specific age criteria. They can opt for this Qaida at any age.