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eQuranekareem brings innovations to the world of online religious courses to learn Arabic and Quran online with our Quran courses, Arabic courses and Islamic studies programs. Our online Quran tutors provide lessons interestingly and interactively to gather more attention from the students and make it an easy and joyful online session for them!

Our academy has established a courses outline that comprises all the features of the Quran, Arabic, and Islam. We keep motivating our students by giving them appreciation!

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Online Quran Courses

Our online Quran courses are easy and understandable for every kid or even adults. Our tutors engage the students during the class by learning Kalimas, telling Islamic events, and memorizing Namaz and Duas. In each online Quran course, our teachers work diligently to help students read, learn, and recite the Holy Quran. Our key components of this course are given as follows:

Online Arabic Courses

To delve into the depth of the Holy Quran, first, you have to go through the language in which it is narrated and that is ‘’Arabic language’’. We are giving you online lessons about learning this language thoroughly so that you will be able to read, write, and, speak Arabic for sure!
The outline for this course is;

Online Islamic Courses

‘’Islam plays the role of ‘’soul’’ in ‘’Muslim’s lives’’.

To help our students build their bond with Islam and Allah, we are offering major Islamic Courses online.
In our online Islamic classes, teachers deliver lessons that include Islam’s basics, history, and civilization. Our Islamic courses are an excellent source to learn about Islam.