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‘’Elaboration makes understanding easier’’

Presenting the Online Tafseer Courses that you get its complete understanding. If you wish to know what is concealed in the Holy verses, let’s take a step and avail of the opportunity of an online tafseer course with us.

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In the fast-paced growing era, the Quranic teachings have found a new medium of enlightenment through the remarkable online program called Tafseer-ul-Quran. For this regard, the eQuranekareem stepped in as the best platform for all students worldwide to teach the Holy Book deeply by introducing the course of Quran Tafseer.

Our online Quran Tafseer course includes all the fundamental points that are necessary for acquiring a deep explanation of the Quran. We are offering it virtually so that you can learn it while staying in the comforts of your home. Get the benefits of online learning of the Quran with us! 

Explore the beauty of Tafseer ul Quran with our scholar-teachers, where the strength of faith meets the limitless potential of the digital world.

Start the digital journey of divine discovery! Tafsir-ul-Quran reveals the Hidden Beauty of the Quran!

online quran tafseer course

Learn Quran Tafseer Online with Us

Are you ready to set out on an astonishing journey of discovery to find the extraordinary wisdom concealed inside the sacred Ayahs of the Quran?

Look no further! Step into the captivating realm of Tafsir al Quran at our online Quran academy, where traditional scholarship meets the digital revolution, and the depths of knowledge merge with the convenience of online Quran learning and Tafsir.

Many people want to know, what is Tafseer? You need not to worry at all!
We are here to elaborate on the Tafseer meaning for you. It implies a detailed explanation of Quran Tafsir, analysis, and translation of the verses and surahs of the Quran. 

In the meantime, we have revolutionized the way altafsir is studied, transforming it into an immersive and dynamic experience that overcomes the limitations of time and space.

Tafseer ul Quran Course - Stages

Beginner Stage

This stage comprises the students who have reached their age of puberty. Students are taught the definition of tafsir and its meanings along with the basic knowledge of this course.

Intermediate Stage

All those who belong to the ages above 16 years old can take part. They are provided with the best Tafsir of Quran for learning this course.

Advanced Stage

Some extremely brilliant students of good caliber are enrolled to learn about Tafseer e Quran at this stage. No specific age limit is required for this stage.
learn quran tafseer online

Tafseer e Quran Course - Features

We are providing important features of our course for learning Tafseer ibn e Kaseer. These are;

Course Name:

Quran Tafseer

Our Tutors:

We are giving an open choice to our students – to select a tutor for themselves from our staff of male and female teachers who teach them the best Tafseer of Quran in the world.

Flexible Timings:

We conduct online tafseer classes as per the time preferences of our students.

Class Types:

Providing one-on-one lessons in our classes for this course.

Weekly Lessons:

We give 5 lessons a week and for more benefits, we also deliver weekend classes.

Monthly Evaluation:

Teachers conduct tests at the end of every month so the skills of students can be improved with much perfection.

Lesson Duration:

The timings for one lesson are 30-60 minutes.

Multi-Lingual Classes:

Offering our courses across the globe – in English, Urdu, Hindi, and Arabic.
Quran Tafseer Course

Tafseer Course - Requirements

You will need the following tools to learn Quran Tafseer online;

  • Good Internet Connectivity
  • Laptop / PC / Mobile Phone or Tablets
  • Headphones (For keeping good concentration)
  • Zoom /Skype/ Google Meet / MS Teams or any portal of your choice

Quran Tafsir Teachers

Our Quran instructors adopts the following method of teaching that includes,

  • Our teachers are intended to teach easy tafseer of Quran to the students, before this – they teach the basic knowledge of Nazra.
  • After that, students learn the word-by-word Quran translation that is called ( لفظی ترجمہ).
  • Then, the teacher elaborates the translation of the sentence  (بامحاورہ) meaning. 
  • After understanding the meaning of the sentence, the teachers teach the explanation of the Ayah ( مفہومی ترجمہ). 

Moreover, the learner can read the books of Tafsir for easy understanding. With their vast knowledge and profound insights, they illuminate the meanings, historical contexts, and spiritual depths of the Quranic verses.
It enriches your understanding and fosters a deeper connection to the divine message. In this regard, Tafseer Raheemi emerged with the goal of sharing the essence of the Holy Quran.

Tafseer ul Quran Course - Why Choose Us?

  • Our highly dedicated scholars provide the best Quranic Tafseer to the students through which they explain each and every point to them at their homes online.
  • We support our learners to understand and observe the definition of tafsir along with its meanings and details.
  • Our Islamic scholars allow students to note the lesson throughout class.
  • The teacher explains to the student about the main purpose of the Holy Book, such as what is its importance. What did our Prophet (PBUH) say for reading and understanding the Quran?
  • We have alternative teachers for this course who provide Qurtubi tafsir pdf  to facilitate the student’s deep learning while being at home.
Quran Tafseer course

Tafsir Quran Course - What Do You Learn After This?

There are the following reasons to choose us for learning Tafsir meaning and understanding of ayahs,

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Quranic verses and their intended meanings.
  • Learning Tafseer expands knowledge of Islamic theology, jurisprudence, ethics, and spirituality.
  • Foster a stronger connection with the divine message and enhance one’s faith.
  • Apply the teachings of the Holy Quran to personal conduct, relationships, and decision-making.
  • Preserve the authenticity of Quranic interpretation and avoid misinterpretations.
  • Address contemporary challenges by deriving guidance from the timeless teachings of Quran.

Tafsir Quran & Its Significance

To learn Tafsir with its details is pretty important for all of us to live our lives according to Islam and Sunnah. To understand the message of Almighty Allah – one must learn this course to gain profitable knowledge. Our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said that;

 It has been narrated by `Uthman that Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said,
“The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.” (Bukhari).

This shows how valuable is for us to learn Tafsir Quran.

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What is tafsir in Islam?

The interpretation of Quran along with each word and verse of the Quran, Its historical background, and meanings with translation.

How many months are required to learn Tafsir ul Quran course online?

There is no certainty for the time period related to online Quran Tafseer course. Usually, it takes 8- 12 months if you have a good caliber.

What is tafsir?

The course for understanding the Quran with its deep understandings and details.